I have been a nerdfighter for over a year now, and i really dont know who I would be if I hadnt seen Hank's Accio Deathly Hallows video last summer. I just like the feeling of being part of something bigger. There are people from all over the world of all different ages, working together for the same reasons. Not many things can unite people the way Hank and John have. I like the idea that no matter how different we are, we can all make friends on this site. That is why being a nerdfighter makes me feel good. What about you?

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Charlie thinks nerdfighting is important because being called a "nerd" or other things like that can get people's self-esteem down, and having people know they are awesome for just being who they are or for being intelligent is pretty amazing. Because now, when people say I'm a nerd or I'm 'too smart' I smile because that means I'm just... awesome.

Dani thinks nerdfighting is important for the many obvious reasons that it is, and because she <3 nerds in general and never thought it was bad in the first place. :3
nerdfighting lets me know that no matter how my day, week, or month is going, i can always come home and see john and hank vlog, then i can go on the ning, and see all the support there is there, then i can go out and see all these people, and just wonder who DFTBA's.
I agree. It makes me feel connected to some kind of community, one I can be really proud of. I love how we all work together to accomplish something that means something, and I think it's amazing that pretty much all Nerdfighters are people I get along with or relate to. I like the concept that something one person couldn't do alone can be accomplished with the help of their fellows. :)
I think it is awesome that there are so many people who are nerdy and don't just deal with it, they embrace it. I like the things that I like, and I like people who are ok with that. I think I was lucky in high school (and a little before that, too) that I found people who were intelligent, quirky and amazing and who saw the same in me. But, I love the idea that there are so many other people like that out there that are willing to work together and help each other out. Plus, being a nerdfighter is fun!

Ok, I realize that was cheesy. Sorry. :/
Being a nerdfighter reminds me how many awesome people there are in the world. I feel accepted and appreciated here. ^3^
i am (at most times) an extroverted misanthrope. however, nerdfighters has instilled within me a hope that i thought i had lost. i now feel philanthropy slowing creeping about my personality. i know that there are other people out there who i can relate to, who want to change the world, who aren't apathetic to everything. you all make me proud to be part of humanity. my life has been changed forever.
I love being able to speak to people through the Internet without having to decode what people write when they vvr173 1l\l cl-l@75p3@k (write in chatspeak).
I also love talking to intelligent people, and Nerdfighting made me realize that being a nerd is truly awesome. I don't bother trying to fit in anymore.
Also, when I come home after a bad day at school, I just watch a few of my favourite B2.0 videos and I cheer right up. :)
Ashleigh thinks NerdFighting is important for society because wothout it, who would spread Awesome.
John's an author, and books are important.
Hank's an eco-geek - the environment is important.
Together they reduce worldsuck
They give the impression that no matter who you are, your still Awesome.
And they inccourage people to just be as Awesome as you can...
That's why I love NerdFighting.


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