ok i think it would be brad pitt as he anoys me!
sorry brad and brad fans!

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Angelina Jolie is actually a good person though. She donates tons of money to charity, she works with the UN, she goes to third world countries to try and help out, she was down cleaning up New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina before the government was. And she's drop dead gorgeous and insanely talented as an actress.
but... she is cool and pretty
I would probably kill stephanie meyer, or perez hilton, or someone from the hills.
die hills people!! die!ª
I would kill each and every entertainment journalist. Ever since the death of Micheal Jackson I have lost complete respect for all of them. I hadn't heard one good thing about MJ in years before he died. All of a sudden the man drops dead and he's their God. Fuck off. Hypocrits saying he's such a great man and that he was such a great musician. Where was his fame before he died? Did ANYBODY hear anything other than "he's a rapist", "he's a pedophile" or "he's a white woman"? No. No you did not.

And now this whole Tiger Woods thing. So the man slept around a little, how is this important enough for top story every day of this week? He's a GOLF player. They hadn't said one word about him before this. Why is he so important now?

I think they're all fakes..
george bush or paris hilton.
they're about on the same level of intelligence and annoyance, right?


i'd kill them both...

if i could.

but alas,
i'm a pacifist...

i second that
This seems mightily illegal...
Really? I doubt it.
It's been done. Not her assassination, but that idea... *headdesk*
totally!! and her alter/inner ego miley cirus, man she annoys the crap out of me...


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