Ok guys, I have a project/challenge that i would really love to see happen. I want to spread Hanks new video around everywhere! I want J. K. Rowling herself to see it! What we need to do is contact MuggleCast and PotterCast, email, skype, voicemail, post, any way you can contact them, DO IT! Send them the link to the video tell them to spread it. We want J.K. to see this! I would VERY much love to see this happen! My video has all the ways possible on how to contact them in the description....

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Let's do it!
I think im going to post this on the nerdfighter facebook thingy if i can find it. lol
....i want J. K. Rowling to say that the epilogue was crap and we all know it was crap and....i want J. K. Rowling to say that Voldemort had a son and story's just begun and i....
I DID! lol


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