I recently got into a debate about Manga. My brother said that it is pointless and a waste of time. I maintain that it is beautiful artwork, and fun to read. What do you think?

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I <3 manga. That is all.

Oh, and DO! Dammit DO!

There, now that is all.

i like manga (: it's the same as anything else you read, though. you like it because of the content and the story inside. i don't understand how people can dismiss something as broad as manga, when there are so many types and stories and styles. that would be like saying all movies suck. or all books suck. certain genres, artists, actors, directors, authors, etc, is understandable, but it's so hard to classify all of something as broad as manga into one opinion.

some people don't like graphic novels in general, though, and that's understandable. i think it's a bit... ignorant to say it's all a waste of time, though.. :x

if you like it, keep reading it! :D what do you like to read?

Definitely a do!

Although it does, of course depend on the manga and your preferences.

Like, I can't stand half of the shojo out there, but then there's plenty of shonen that sucks, too(One Piece, anyone?). A lot of the time, the plots are engaging and well-thought-out, but then we have some that aren't(One Piece, anyone??). And the same goes for the art. Sometimes it is exquisite, an then sometimes it makes me want to puke(One Piece, anyone??!).

...Yes, I hate One Piece. Thanks for asking.

Like most media, this is a personal preference thing. I know some people who HATE TV shows, cartoon or live action, and refuse to watch it, and others that only watch documentaries but nothing fictional, some people I know hate anything foreign, and some who don't like anything classic and others who only read certain genres of books, etc.


For me, it's a do AND don't situation. I love the art style itself and I find many of them to have great or interesting stories, plus there is the bonus of a fast read. But while there are many amazing ones out there, there are just as many that are... not. Some are too short for the story they want to tell, others are FAR too long for anyone to sit down and read, some had... really bad art, to tell the truth. But like anything else, manga has goods and bads, and it is personal preference.

I only read Death Note. For a few years, because I'm lazy. I learn a lot from Death Note. It's a  political, moral en deep story that really makes you think.

Do! I love manga, although it is definitely expensive, especially if you're reading a long series like Naruto or InuYasha. It's definitely enjoyable - I just think you can accomplish a lot with art and words. I love to read and all and I love to imagine the world the book is set in, but in manga I can actually see it and the characters. A lot of manga is really imaginative. And as a slightly artistic person, I like to appreciate the art. However, I do prefer Shonen over Shoujo... A lot of Shoujo is just kind of stupid with all that high school drama kind of stuff... But I do read some of that, too.

A lot of people I know say they hate manga because it's stupid and childish and I don't think that's fair. A lot of manga isn't for children. At all. Those people don't give it a chance. Others say it just confuses them... which I understand, depending.

I prefer anime, as it's quicker, more accessible (or at least it seems so) and I'm too lazy to read all of a manga - I often stop half way through and just watch the anime. There's nothing wrong with either anime or manga; the art form is beautiful. There is some dodgy stuff classified as manga or anime, but the amount of good stuff out-ways that a little.


In regards to shounen and shoujo, I prefer overall shounen, but there are many good shoujo mangas/animes.

You're both right!
Do. They're pretty to look at, they're fun, and they are very useful when you are behind in your book challenge. What I hate about manga is that there can be so many volumes/chapters that it's hard to keep up and it makes it easier to loose interest. I just read manga scans online. It's equally enjoyable for me and easier to access.


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