I was kinda curious as to what kinds of books (or whatever else, I suppose) you all have been reading. So..

What are you reading right now?
How are you liking it?
What are your thoughts?

I'm about two-thirds through Circle the Soul Softly, by Davida Wills Hurwin. It's the third book of hers that I've read in two days, and I'm really liking it (fairly obviously, I suppose). It's really interesting--it's about a pretty 'normal' girl (whatever that means) named Katie whose father died in the recent past; her mom just got remarried, and the whole family moved, and now Katie is uncovering memories of having been molested as a child, and she has to come to terms with her past and her father's memory.. it's kind of about figuring out who you are, and what makes people who they are, whether an action can define a person.. anyway it's really good. Highly recommended :)

So what words have you been taking in?

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Well technically I'm reading Taking Liberty by Ann Rinaldi but I'm kinda rereading Twilight at the same time. Taking Liberty is alright,a little slow,but it's good. Twilight is,as always,awesome.
Twilight is always awesome!! haha loveeee it. Ann Rinaldi writes amazing historical fiction books too! Have you read any of her other ones?? I think I've read four or five. They're awesome!
How many books does she have?

Your talking about Stephanie Meyer yeah?

Have you read The Host?
I've read The Host twice.
The Host, unlike the Twilight saga, was written wonderfully and has more character development.
Better storyline as well. I've read The Host three times.
I will admit that about a year ago I would of been all fan girl like and say "I love it" but now that I've read more books, I would have to say, that Twilight goes into the "Okay, but not the best" category.
I really hope that she doesn't finish Midnight Sun and writes something else, maybe something with Zombies or something. The Twilight thing is getting kind of old.
Before I read the existing parts of Midnight Sun, I'd have been inclined to agree that Mrs. Meyer should move on. I was resistant to reading it since it was posted without her permission and that's never cool. Then I found it on her own website, and she had posted it and has given permission now for it to be read.

I liked the Twilight series and I've read it more than once. I have enjoyed the movie to the degree that one can, as it's terribly difficult to make a good movie from a big book. Having read Midnight Sun, I can now say that I really hope she finishes it. In reading it, I experienced something that I didn't expect. I mean, it's the same story... but it's different. Edward's point of view is actually quite interesting, and it really held my attention. I found myself looking forward to what would happen next - except that I had to keep reminding myself that I already knew what happened next.

I think she needs to finish it. It will keep the franchise alive and give her another revenue stream. I'm not sure if she's the only one who has written the same story twice from two different perspectives, but I read a lot, and I cannot think of another situation like this that I've ever read.

I have read The Host and I thought it was a very good story. Once finished though, it did not make me wonder whether she'd write a sequel or what happened to the characters after. I know that not everyone wants to read a big series, and I guess that's a good thing for all the writers who don't write series. Hmm.
The Host was alright until the love interest was introduced (so, about twenty pages of a decent idea). It also needs a different, more capable author.
I enjoyed the Host pretty much the whole way through (I don't remember a love interest soi probably just ignored that if I ddin't like it) but the ending was ubrupt and i didn't feel like the book was finished at all. Maybe she had no more to say on the matter and didn't want to keep writing a finished book but it still bothered me at the end.
The Host was REALLYY good, even without vampires/creepy stalkers. It started off kinda slow and i actually stopped reading it for a while, but then one day I got bored and picked it up again. Once you get past page like 200, it's reallyyyyy good! I totally recomment it!

i read the host the last year and yep its a good book! 

pd: i love ian<3 haha.

I read the host too but when i was almost done the book, i watched the movie and it entirely ruined the book. Don't watch the movie when you are almost done the book. Bad choice. *sigh*

I have read The Host, and I  liked it a great deal, although it was not my favorite book of all time (because that is indeterminable). It was much more enjoyable than the Twilight series (tho I did not entirely dislike those books, they were okay) in terms of the characters as well as the story line.


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