I was kinda curious as to what kinds of books (or whatever else, I suppose) you all have been reading. So..

What are you reading right now?
How are you liking it?
What are your thoughts?

I'm about two-thirds through Circle the Soul Softly, by Davida Wills Hurwin. It's the third book of hers that I've read in two days, and I'm really liking it (fairly obviously, I suppose). It's really interesting--it's about a pretty 'normal' girl (whatever that means) named Katie whose father died in the recent past; her mom just got remarried, and the whole family moved, and now Katie is uncovering memories of having been molested as a child, and she has to come to terms with her past and her father's memory.. it's kind of about figuring out who you are, and what makes people who they are, whether an action can define a person.. anyway it's really good. Highly recommended :)

So what words have you been taking in?

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Well, I always read numerous books at a time because I love picking up books depending on my mood. So here's what I'm reading atm:

1.) What are you reading right now? 'Dracula' - Bram Stoker

How are you liking it? I love this book. I've read it a few times now and I just enjoy it every time I pick it up. Though, I do get angry about how much of an idiot Jonathan Harker is. He really, really pisses me off. Also, I don't agree with a lo of things all the other characters do and think. But that makes it all the more likable, I guess. At least for me. Haha. 

What are your thoughts? Thoughts, I've got them. I simply love the set up to this story. All those letters aka different POVs. It's glorious. I love the different styles of writing POVs can provide for you. And I just love the story overall. Seeing, I'm a big sucker for myths it's no surprise really, that 'Dracula' is one of my favourites. ;-)

2.) What are you reading right now? 'Fool Moon' - Jim Butcher

How are you liking it? My best friend's boyfriend recommended 'The Dresden Files' series to me and I'm so, so glad he did. It's flawfull. Which makes it so, so awesome! I'm in love with this series even though I'm only half way through it's second book.

 What are your thoughts? Harry Dresden is one of the most comedic characters I have ever had the pleasure to read. He's got this film noir touch that makes his actions all the more 'dramatic' and 'deep'. He takes himself super seriously but at the same time he couldn't be more self-ironic. His entire persona is very well thought-out all while being a total mess most of the time. He's like two sides of the same coin. Or at least he'd like you to believe that. 

Oh, and then we have Murphy. I love Murphy. She's this total badass all while being a person. You know, what I'm getting at? There's this post on tumblr about 'writing strong woman' which was countered by a post about 'writing woman who are people'. Murphy is that for me. 

Which brings me to: Bob. Bob is the magic spirit skull in Harry's basement. If that's not enough to make you love him, read this: Bob knows stuff. But in order to tell Harry stuff he wants things. Things usually include porn magazines or being let free for a certain amount of time so he can indulge in naughty things. Bob is a total perf. But, he's also a centuries old being that knows stuff and helps Harry do a lot of good. Like saving people, hunting things, the family - Wait, that's SPN. Ah, anyways. Bob is an awesome, evil, little prick.

3.) What are you reading right now? 'A Universe From Nothing' - Lawrence M. Krauss

How are you liking it? It's like science poetry.

What are your thoughts? Let me explain you a thing: If a scientist and a poet had a baby and that baby would be gifted with the ability to see beauty in everything - then you get this book being painted with awesome words of science. 

4.) What are you reading right now? The Death Cure' - James Dashner

How are you liking it? I love the entire Maze Runner Series. It helps that I'm a big zombie fan. ;-)

What are your thoughts? So, so many. I love the amount of brainfuckery that takes place in this series. Mind games have always fascinated me and the thought that you can manipulate peoples thoughts using technology has always been terrifying for me. Yet, I can't stop reading stories about it. Also, I love a good utopia with badass heros and self-righteous villains who all think they're doing the right thing. Or not. Some are just after money, fame and power. Which is understandable, I guess... 

5.) What are you reading right now? 'A Stone Gone Mad' - Jaquelinyn Holt Park

How are you liking it? It's disturbing and eye-opening. In my opinion a very important book dealing with homosexuality in America starting 1948. 

What are your thoughts? I'm both disgusted and fascinated so far. Disgusted because to me it's unnatural to be judging somebody based on whom they love. I don't comprehend how gender is important when you find somebody you want to share yourself with. It just doesn't fit in anywhere in my head. Then again, I'm fascinated by the fact that people go out of the way to pretend to be somebody they are not. And by no means do I define fascinated as a positive here. Rather the opposite. I had to stop reading this book a lot of times now because it upset me so much. The way people in it treat others who don't fit their norm, the way people cut themselves into little puzzle pieces to fit in with the big picture. I hate it. I really, really despise it all. But just as the film 'earthlings' (I can't take more than five minutes at a time.) I just have to finish it at some point in my life. At least I want to try.

6.) 'What are you reading right now? The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe" - Douglas Adams

How are you liking it? I quote these books at least once a day in an everyday situation. What do you think? 

What are your thoughts? I actually keep them in my bathroom next to my towels because it just seems the perfect place for them. Any further explanation required?

I think that's the five books I'm currently reading the most. I started a few others but didn't get past the first chapter, yet. So, I won't be mentioning them here, yet. ;) 

If anyone wants to discuss any of these or others feel free to message me! <3

...'wait that's SPN'

i totally saw you going there, and there are some interesting parallels and differences.

Yes, yes, yes! I mean, how awesome would a crossover be? Like... SO AWESOME!!

and now i'm wondering if their similarities would mean he'd get along with Dean (and/or Sam) or if they'd get under each other's skin...

I think Dean will probably hate Harry because of their similarities. Especially since Harry takes everything to the extreme and Dean is a bit more subtle than that. Or at least he thinks he is. Also, the fact that Dean doesn't trust anything/anyone magic might become a problem. Though he' probably love Bob...

On the other hand I think that with time Dean would probably develop a sort of understanding for the guy. Reflecting his behavior on himself. I mean, getting to know Harry might even push Dean into the right direction of trying to create a better life for himself. Which he already started doing ever since the bunker. So perhaps it will be just like another notch towards happiness?

Harry would probably kinda like Dean instantly (as much as you can say like for Harry, maybe we better say respect...) but be suspicious of Sam. Because of obvious reasons. Oh, do you thing they've heard about each other before? Like 'legends and stories' and stuff? So cool!

I'm pretty sure Sam would be rolling his eyes both about Harry in general and about Dean and Harry together. Oh, and I really want to see discussions between Sam and Bob!

Them together on a case would be hilarious! Sam trying to make a plan, Dean trying to get shot done and Harry just storming in with half a plan and some sheer dumb luck. 


There should be fanfiction about this...

I reaaaally want to read Dracula! :D

clockwork angel by cassie clare 

I'm reading The Mark of Athena in the Heroes of Olympus series. So addicting.

I just finished Terry Goodkind's Law of Nines this morning and now I'm reading "Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles."

I'm really liking it, there are more "fantasy" like names in this historical fiction than some fantasy novels! I keep looking these places up and they really do exist! Like Elphinstone tower.

rereading Mockingjay and started up Dragonslayer's Return ...among other things. weird...

The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. It discusses the theory that how happy you are corresponds to where you are on the globe. Eric visits the supposedly happiest nations on Earth and attempts to deduce what makes them so happy. It's really an interesting read. The only issue is that sometimes Eric writes like he's trying to be funny and its just kind of like "....oh..." but other than that, I highly recommend it!

I recently started Tess of the D'Urbervilles. I'm not really far enough in to make a decision about what I think yet, but it seems like an interesting story, and some of the prose is pretty good, though it can get a little too descriptive for my taste. 


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