I want the best book and movie titles that you have applied the in your pants rule to. Song titles as well if you want to go there.

Some I've found.
Putting your money where your mouth your pants.
A pound of your pants.

Hard your pants.
Iron your pants.

ummmmm....this film is about pants, so,AWESOME!

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The lost little bat...In your pants
I may be self-centered, but I prefer the sound of "in my pants." So...

Desperation in my pants
Needful Things in my pants
Prey in my pants (that one sounds good w/ "your" too, though. Heheheheh)
Nathaniel in my pants
Misery in my pants
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in my pants

That's my mom's stash of books, next to which I happened to be located.
LOL I love the last one!!
Hahaha x) Crocodile..
"Damaged" in your pants.

Teach Me in your pants.

Oh, & does "My Humps" in your pants sound a little TOO wrong?
NO, I don't think so. I really like it. :P
xD Yay!
Tomorrow, when the war my pants
Greatest in your pants book title EVER: (Seriously, you'll never find a better one)

A Hard Man is Good to Find... in your pants.

And WHY do people keep making iyp threads? We've already got a bunch. (I always post that one).
I've heard of the short story A Good Man is Hard to Find, but never that one! WOW. O_O
Yeah, it's a play on it. I found it on amazon once and just went "IN YOUR PANTS!!! YES!!!" I was tempted to get it just because it was so perfect, then decided against it.


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