I want the best book and movie titles that you have applied the in your pants rule to. Song titles as well if you want to go there.

Some I've found.
Putting your money where your mouth your pants.
A pound of your pants.

Hard your pants.
Iron your pants.

ummmmm....this film is about pants, so,AWESOME!

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the last your pants!

diary of a wimpy your pants! (that one's just creepy)

Catching your pants.

The Girl Who Was on your pants.

The Lost your pants.

The Son of your pants.

The Red your pants.

The Throne of your pants.


Is it just me, or do books with the word "fire" in the title make even better "In your pants" jokes?

yeah they do.


dante's your pants.

night at the your pants

arthur and the your pants.

Rememberance of Things Past IN YO' PANTS


Howl's Moving Castle in chur panties!


Storm Front . . . in your pants.

Caught . . . in your pants.

Live Wire . . . in your pants.

The War of the Worlds . . . in your pants.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde . . . in your pants.



Boy Meets World . . . in your pants.

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus . . . in your pants.

How to Train Your Dragon . . . in your pants.

The Big Bang Theory . . . in your pants.

Real Steel . . . in your pants.

Tv shows

Two and a half men in your pants
Two broke girls in your pants
Friends In your pants
How its made In your pants
Deadliest catch in your pants
Up all night in your pants

Tangled...... In your pants.


Roald Dahl's Going Solo In My Pants 

The Eye of the Your Pants

The Gathering Your Pants



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