In another discussion, the idea was brought up to... as Nerdfighters... come together and make new characters on a new server and have our own guild. And.... being someone who jumps into things with two feet, I decided it was good enough an idea to execute!

So.... I did it.

If you would like to join in the fun I have made a Horde AND an Alliance character (because personally, I like both sides and this allows people to stick to the side they like) on the server Echo Isles. (It is a normal server, some aren't comfortable on RP or PvP servers....)

Both characters have a guild charter ready to be signed, and we can let the fun begin!!!

Now just to explain a little bit... these characters on Echo Isles are in no way supposed to "take over" your main. They're really just for those times you want to mingle with other Nerdfighters, or chill away from your main. No obligation to be on, no obligations period, unless you want them.

So! If you're joining up let me know! Leave me a comment with a character name or whisper on of the below characters to get an invite (or sign the charter... since I figured we'd see if enough people were interested).

Who to whisper?
Horde: Mypants
Alliance: Peepeater

For those who posted in the other WoW thread where this idea started, I'm leaving comments on your pages (which may be why you're reading this! lol) and I hope you don't mind ^_^

Once again, the server is Echo Isles and either comment with your character name so I can find you, or whisper one of the characters above! Once more people join up they'll be able to help add others ^_^

Oh! And feel free to spread the word as well!!! :D

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Added you ^_^
This is a cool idea!

I'll make a character later because I'm a bit busy right now.
Ok, I finally made a new character.

Horde = Nerdfighter

Original, eh?
Awesome ^_^ I'm friending you now, hopefully we'll catch each other on at some point ^_^

(I have a character named Nerdfighter on my main server lol)
OOh... funfun. Definitely logging on and mailin' Mypants or Peepeater... not sure which... hm... /think!
ooh, this sounds fun! :D
Yay nerdfighters on WoW! For the horde!
I made a name MakkyRae . :D


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