Who wants to play?
Here's what you do. One person asks a question, and the next person answers that question incorrectly, and then asks a new question. And so on. It can get pretty hilarious after awhile.

SOOO first question:
What is a NerdFighter?

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Elmo did.

Why do we have to go to school?
it is all part of a teachers evil plan
why does no one like me?

To learn to use our invisible wings!

Why would we jump?

Hahahaha, I totally thought you said how many monkeys. I had 3, by the way. XD

What did she say?
manilla envelope

Who makes sticky notes at 62nd and Ludders with only his nose?
John Lennon, obviously.

What is the main ingredient in Peeps?
Blowjobs and babies.

How many strands of hair are on John McCain's head?

How many fingers on a hand?

Who was the first person on the moon
Me. It was awesome.

What's global warming?
The stuff that radiates off Oprah

Why is Moses famous?
A social gathering of dead people.

What's a subscription?


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