Does anyone despise it? Love it?
I'm not sure if there is already a thread like this one, but my best friend just started playing it just because his friends started playing it. Tell me what you think about it.

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i like it, it is fun for me i am not very good at it but i like it
Ditto on the solo RPGs... i played it i found it got old after a while... also seen a few friends lose their lives to it and i dont mean dying but like... falling off the face of the earth
my step dad plsys it and it does kind of make him fall off the face of the earth. i have only played it a few times and am only on level 7 but i also use it as a therapy tool to improve on hand eye coordination.
well WoW is THE game for fantasy rpg'ers i like it although i havent played it in a while. the bad thing about this game is that it is like crack, once you start you cant stop. its a bit on the addictive side other than that great gameplay lot of fun 8 out of 10.
I play on the Suramar realm with 'Baldiri', which is my character.
I have 6 70+ characters...
I played it for a while because they were offering free trials. I like RPGs, but I like there to be story progression, which you don't get in WoW; the world doesnt change because of something you've done, because the next person to come along has to do exactly the same thing.

Plus, I'm not one for online co-op, I far prefer to be playinga game with my friends there or on my own.
The awesome thing in wow was the PvE content... It's shit now tbh.


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