I have grapheme-color, sound-color, and personality-color synesthesia. Basically it means that the nerves in my head are connected slightly differently than normally. I see lots of colors in my head--every number and letter has a different color, I see different colors of sounds (music is beautiful), and people each have their own color too.

Studies seem suggest that as many as 1 in 20 people have synesthesia (or has few as 1 in 20000). Most people who have it aren't really aware of the fact that they have it, I assumed that everybody saw the world the way I did until I read about the condition in my psychology class!

So are there any other nerdfighters with synesthesia?

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When you ass? Man, I need to get into your kind of math.
haha. that's what I get for thinking faster than i can type and not re-reading what i wrote.

I meant "when I ADD"
ADD? I have that
I have ADD, too, but I think it was just capitalized because it was being stressed. She mention add not ADD.
I probably have that

Hold still

All of my life
all of my time
i don't wanna come back around tonight
all that I need
is serenity
I don't wanna feel your new disease
I do the completing tens thing as well, I always have - it's so much faster :)
Right... OK, not meaning to be offensive or ANYTHING like that, but to me that just sounds really weird.
I do that too! I thought I was just weird, lol. The calendar year is a like a circle or a spiral in my head. Like a landscape. Glad to know someone else thinks this way! And weeks I see as vertical ellipticals, with monday at the highest on top and the week goes down the left with friday at the bottom. For some weird reason the five weekdays make up the left side of the elliptical and the weekend takes up the right side.

As for numbers, small ones are stacked on top of each other with 0 in the bottom, like a totem pole. Even to this day, I have a problem doing any math with large numbers, because I have no spatial sense of them.
I don't have it, but I do know someone else who does. :) my name is a deep purple to her, because of the J.

that is pretty cool.

I believe that people can have feelings towards numbers, et cetera but not be synesthetes (ie. Wednesday is a "happy", orange-feeling day).
That's actually really amazing, because for me J is purple too! :D

But definitely, people are naturally inclined towards associating colors with different things. We have blue moods and such.
I bet if somebody did a study they could find if everyone with synethesia saw and heard things with the same colors.
There's been several studies done, and we know that for the most part synesthetes don't have the same colors for things. There's a little bit of correlation between the colors--a red A is fairly common, as are white are clear I's, but even the small, informally gathered data we have on that suggests that it's a very weak correlation.


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