Another Vlog Friends Idea For those who feel left out

So we all see these vlog posts coming up where people want to start their own vlog, but by the time you get there it seems there are already 3 pages of comments, and nobody can have 30 people in a single day-by-day vlog!
So here's just another chance for those of us loners who want to make some new nerdfighter friends to join some sort of vlog idea. Me included of course.
So, reply if you're not in a vlog project yet, and don't mind spending much of your time talking to me! (gooooood luck)

Name: Kayla / Kyrie
Age: 15
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gender: Female, duh
How many people you're willing to tolerate-I mean work with: 4 or 5
Youtube name: thekay72
Vlog Group Name Suggestion: umm, I have no idea actually ;p I'll leave that to everyone else because I'm lazy at this time of night.

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im interested! what are you planning to do exactly though?
well, I was thinking something kind of like B20, with punishments for breaking rules, challenges, projects, more nerdfighter evangelisim, and anything people suggest.
It's 11:20 pm here so i'm all idea-ed out. :P
Mostly just things Nerdfighters suggest that we have to do, to spread Nerdfighters in public around our areas or something like the peeps contest.
ooo i like the challenges idea! lol

how often would u be planning to post videos?
that depends on how many people and how often they can get to their camera with school and family and stuff, that would be decided after we find out whos all for sure in it
sounds cool! im wearehoobrit on youtube! the blonde one
kay, i sent you a friend request :)
ok well now ill answer ur questions lol (did that a little out of order sry)

Name: Britt
Age: 17
Location: Dallas, Texas
Gender: Female
How many people: Not too many cuz itd be crazy
Youtube name: already to you
Vlog Group Name Suggestion: no clue
Oh, this sounds like fun!

I would love to do this.

Name: Grace
Age: 16
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Gender: Female
# Of People: As many as needed
Youtube Name: hpfann15
i wanna help!
You sound exciting, add me on youtube :) lol
I have a confession... in all of my vlogbrothers watching, and work and writing and sleeping and video games... i have yet to watch a full fiveawesomegirls or fiveawesomeguys video :S...
So i don't know what you mean by fiveawesomegirls/guys kind of thing. You'll have to be specific..

Oh and go to my one video (It's a Kingdom Hearts II Roxas Tribute if there are any KH fans out there ;p) and add me as a freind to make things easier kay everybody :).


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