What's your phobia?

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Eisoptrophobia- Fear of mirrors, idk why, they just skeeve me out and make me feel uneasy
Fear of fish.... I think it's ickniaphobia... but I'm not sure.
Heights. And fire.
fear of spiders
fear of blood
fear of hand, needles, of things going in or out of my body
fear of meeting new people, or meeting some one famous (its not that i hate them just it scary
fear of ants (long story)
fear of being in a commitment/ in love (not that i dont just... scary to me)
fear of hights (scary-ness! i will never and have never been in a plane and dont plane to!)
fear of water (most-ly oceans, rivers, and lakes, because i cant swim. dont like the water eather!)
and clostiphobia (sp? sorry tearbly bad speller here.)

tearbly long list... wow! but there all true!and no not telling you the long 'fear of ants' story.
sorry i dont know any of the sientifical words, but for those long word and a list that big, ya wouldnt work out to wee, and besides you wouldnt know what i was talking about anyway!
I have myrmecophobia. The fear of ants. I'm actually scared of most insects/bugs, and spiders, but ants are the worst. If I think about them too long, the image of the swarming pops into my head, and I panic.
parking lots without any cars (I have no idea why) and people who I slightly know touching me. One time my teacher put her hand on my shoulder because I was talking and I almost hit her because I freaked out.
it's so hard for me to touch buttons, wearing things with buttons is even harder.
I have Autophobia: Fear of being alone.
Centipedes and earwigs. OH MY GOD centipedes. I saw one in my bedroom and slept on the couch for... over a week? despite the fact that I'm pretty sure the damn thing left through my air vent the second I couldn't see it any more. This fear spills over to other insects and insectoids, but is a true, crippling fear when it comes to centipedes. Heck, I even got sorta used to cockroaches in a week in Texas.

Fish & deep or murky water. Both of these are partly cos of video games, and they are intimately connected.
what, the fear of long words?
I'm definitely terrified of spiders, heights, sewers, balloons, clowns, mascots, the dark... lots of stuff haha


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