What would you say was the strangest dream you ever had?
You know the ones where you are fighing aliens with your 3rd grade teacher but her head is made out of sugar packets?

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"And then I played guitar."
Haha, so random.
Few months ago, I dreamt that I had just started to learn how to play double bass. My double bass got stolen, so my teacher and I went to look for it in a bowling alley, except the floors were made of ice and everyone were on skates! I can't remember if I found my instrument or not.

That's just what I can remember now, I'm always having weird dreams. I keep dreaming that I'm in a huge swing that hangs down from the sky, and I swing back and forth, high up in the air. It's very fun!
I dreamt that I was a vampire (and a man, which is kinda odd but happens a lot in my dreams) and I was living in this man's home. The man had a daughter who was severely deformed and dying. She was only about five years old, but she looked like a squid of sorts. She had a neck, a brain, lips, slit eyes, and her appendages were limp and looked as if they were boneless. I wanted nothing to do with the family, I was just boarding in the attic. Then the father found out what I was, and chased me onto the roof and through the streets. I thought he wanted to kill me, but later I found that he wanted to save his daughter by turning her into a vampire. Then there was a scene switch to the future. I was in a limo, and sitting on the seat across from me was what I thought was a doll. She was about five, and looked perfect like a doll with curly blonde hair the shade of gold. After I realized who she was, she told me that her father was coming after us, and that we had to escape him. Then another scene switch, and I was back to me and the father standing over the (deformed) daughter. The father had a knife out, and I told him to cut the vein on above the girls mouth, I was afraid I would kill her if I did it. I took some of her blood, and then had the father cut my thumb, so as to give the girl my blood. The father cut once, it healed. He cut again, it healed again. I ended up have about ten cuts on my hand, but each one only got out a few drops then healed. Finally I took the knife, and was going to slash my wrist when I woke up.

Kinda pleasant dream, very vivid and long though.
one I always used to have when I was barely asleep but not quite, was I would be on a bike trying to ride down the sidewalk but my bike would keep swaying from side to side. Like crazy swaying, ridiculously unrealistic swaying, so close I'd almost hit the ground on each side. I could never keep the bike up and ride normally.

Or I'd be riding a bike and I'd ride over a hose on the sidewalk, and it would jerk me awake.
I've had a recurring dream ever since I can remember. It's one of those Father-monster dreams. They are apparently quite common. All I can ever remember is; I am running through my old elementary school in the middle of the night. At first I don't know why I am running -I just am running. Then it becomes clear that I am fleeing from a monster that is chasing me. I never really get a good look at the monster. Eventually it turns into one of those classic "whenever I want to run my legs turn to jelly but then when I want to stop and hide I can't stop runnning" dreams. ARRGH! As the plot evolves, the moster always turns into my Father and the dream ends with him trying to convince me that It's all okay. He never does and the dreams always come to end with me still trying to run away from my Father who is always following closely behind me. My mother tells me that I had this dream quite alot as a child. Even from the time I was 3 or 4 years old. Significance?
My strange dreams are usually just something normal happening but something that never would happen.
I had a dream a couple of days ago where I asked my teacher when we were going to have a debate, and she said friday, but we don't have anything of that class on fridays oO'

Last Christmas I dreamt my favorite band would come to Sweden on my easter break in may, and when I woke up I thought it'd never happen since Easter was much earlier than May. And then they ended up coming to Sweden on my easter break (in March :P) x)
All of the dreams that I have are strange and disturbing, and they're always bad in that there are people trying to kill me or there are dead bodies hanging from trees or something. Anyway, here's one recent dream that I remember. There was some sort of horrible virus that was going to kill everyone in the United States. Some family came up with this plan where we charter a plane to Japan but on the way we'll have to blow it up over the ocean. Everyone would have to parachute out into the ocean, and somehow this would stop the virus or we'd be safe or something. The only thing was that someone would have to stay on the plane to blow it up, and that person would die. I was the one chosen to do this, and at first I didn't really care.
We were leaving the next day so I decided to go hang out with my friends. The world had kind of frozen over and there were all these iceberg just in the middle of the street, so we decided to go sit on one. Then we thought that maybe if we broke up the icebergs the virus would go away, and we started to do that. However, I had to leave early to pack for the plane to Japan, so I didn't get to finish with the icebergs. When I got home I decided that I didn't really want to get blown up so I told my family that. However, I don't know what happened next because I woke up.
Sorry, I think this is kind of long.
So I once had a dream that I was on a field trip at the zoo and the chaperones were Steve Irwin and Terry Irwin. So I was just wandering around this zoo which was located next to a lake. I go to the Red Bat exhibit and there is a tour guide lady who was explaining about the bats and in the middle of her lecture she sneezed, so I laughed at her and then she said, "That's what happens, you sneeze." Then I walked to the lake where I saw an ostrich water skiing, got freaked out and decided to turn back. Then I hear Steve Irwin announce over the loud speaker, "Everybody line up at the lizard." So I walk back to the main entrance of the zoo where a giant lizard is waiting for all the students to take them home. Apparently giant lizards were the newest means of public transportation.

I also had another dream where I was walking down my street and the sky turned purple and all these scary jellyfish started descending from the sky and there were all these animals everywhere running away from them so I found this Rhino, who was named Paul, and I asked him if I could ride him away to escape the evil jellyfish and he said, "of course, just don't grab my ears." because apparently Paul the Rhino could speak. And the Jellyfish zapped him and he died. Then I was warped to a lake where Hagrid was teaching a class on riding dragons so I got on one and crashed it into someone's house. I had so much fun that I decided I was gonna rent a dragon for my Birthday party. I was then warped to my street again where I found my friend Brian and Bill Nye the Science Guy on a street corner. I approached them and Brian said, "Will you rent Bill Nye for your birthday party to?"

The End
i actually had a dream that was the EXACT preview for the movie V for Vendetta but i didn't know it was a movie...i just thought it was a dream. and then like a week later i saw the preview on tv and i turned to my brother and asked was like "didn't this movie already come out?" and he was like "'s a new release" and i was like "no i'm completely sure it already came out" and he just looked at me like i was crazy....

the same thing happened with that new movie, Eagle Eye, with Shia le Boef. weirdness....
I was sitting in a movie theater, but the screen was blank, and I couldn't hear the sound, but people were laughing and staring at the screen. Eventually, I got pissed and left, and everyone else did too because the movie ended.
I had a dream Queen Elizabeth I was chasing me in a clowncar.
A few nights ago I drempt that this guy (who doesnt ACTUALLY exist in real life) who I apparently liked, was like, "I'll give you a shot on three conditions. She joins in the relationship." And she was REALLY pretty-which sorta intimidated me cuz im not that pretty- and then she said, "Cumon, Ive liked you for awhile now" and I was like, "wow um okay?" and then *dream skip* we were all sitting around a fireplace eating pizza and drinking beers, which is weird cuz i HATE beer-its nasty--- but then I was walking around all drunkenly (but somehow i was still totally sober....) like I was faking or somthing, but then the superhotguy was helping me walk and whatnots... and yeah... then i was transported to the tardis and i was having tea with Margaret Cho, Dane Cook, David Tennant, Billie Piper, and Sarah Jessica Parker... And I was like, "*gasp* YOU GUYS!!" because apparently we were old friends and we all group hugged. Then Martha from doctor who came out of the floor (idk) and was like, hey sorry im late... and she kissed david and I was like, "WHHHATT!! YOU GUYS???" and she was like, "oh yeah, we've always been destined for eachother..." and Billie was all pouty, and im like, no!! ROSE!! ROSE IS RIGHT FOR DOCTOR WHO NOT YOU YOU SKINNY LITTLE BITCH!! but anyways... then they were all cudly and billie piper was like, "will you kiss me??" and i was like, why? and she was like, to make david jealous... and i was like "yeah sure" cuz ive had a crush on her since shes been on doctor who so we were making out then i woke up. ^^


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