What would you say was the strangest dream you ever had?
You know the ones where you are fighing aliens with your 3rd grade teacher but her head is made out of sugar packets?

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The best (and weirdest) dream I've ever had:
I was about my age, but a different person, and I was with four other people in an airport. We were trying to get down the stairs, and so one of the girls I was with was levitating us down the elevator shaft. When I was done being levitated, I went through the elevator doors and saw this painting.
Then another girl came down the elevator shaft, and she told me that I had the ability to perform pointless miracles. I was rather angry, because POINTLESS miracles are a terrible superpower to have.
I suppose I must have channeled my anger into the painting hanging there, because suddenly it swung open and revealed this passageway. A pointless miracle???
I climbed into the passageway and found myself in a mueseum, and there were people in suits of armor stuck to the walls. I guess they were supposed to be scaring off intruders - haunted suits of armor, anyone? But I looked into their little visor thingie and saw people, so I just walked through the door that they were guarding. I ended up in this closet-like room, and a charming old woman came out of a smaller closet-like room ajoined to the first. She offered me tea, and we sat down and had a nice conversation.
I'm kind of scared of my subconcious. It cooks up the strangest things.
I had a dream, a series of dreams actually, in 7th grade that my math teacher was slowly killing off my entire class.
In the first 3 dreams, she killed all my friends. Then she started to gas people in classrooms and stab people in hallways. None of the deaths were very "typical" like choking people to death with chalk sandwiches, but it was not very fun to sit in class with her the next day.

I was pretty petrified for like 2 months.
Probably the scariest dream that I've ever had was when me and my family were sitting at our kitchen table in the early morning, and my dad was cooking omelets. An aging, balding man in a gray wool suit (one of those 80's kind of deals) walked up on my porch, and then into my house. He looked like a robot, because his eyes were wide open, and he had no expression. He took out a handgun, and then started shooting my dad, and kept pulling the trigger even after he ran out of bullets. While my dad was being shot, he somehow managed to get behind the stove, as if that would protect him. At this point, I tackled the guy, who collapsed to the floor effortlessly, and did not move again. Then, I woke up, scared as crap. From now on, I make sure that we never eat breakfast all together in the same way.
I had a dream that Charlieissocoollike was in my neighborhood, but he was going back to the UK by train at the train station in my neighborhood (which we don't have....) and so my sister and I took my dog and like ran over to the station to say goodbye to him, but when we got there he wasn't actually on the train, instead he was in my parent's car and they were going to DRIVE him back to the UK (from the US....). And so I was standing there waving goodbye when I realized that I actually wanted to go on the car ride with them, because it was my car so why not? so I got in the car and we started going, and there were a bunch of other people from my school (who I'm not friends with....) in the car too, and my brother, who would sometimes be Nerimon, and sometimes be my brother. But after like the second stop we took (which was at a bagel store where Charlie got stuck in the bathroom stall and made a vlog about it which I saw and then rescued him), the other people in my school just weren't in the car anymore so we had more room. And then suddenly, after like 2 days, we were in the UK dropping Charlie and Nerimon off. And then they convinced their parents and I convinced my parents to let me stay at Charlie's house as a "Thank you" and so I got to stay there for a while and then my alarm went off and I woke up.
Pretty strange dream.....I kinda wish it was real though....:D
wow. ok the weirdest dream i ever had is impossible to explain XD

the weirdest dream i had that i can explain is:
I was walking down the street with my friends (they were made of chocolate =P) and then we saw these dancing fruit that were singing this awkward song: "fruit is fun, fruit is mean, fruit is yummy, 1 2 3!!" (I know it makes no sense) anyway so we went up to the fruit and asked: "what does your song mean?" and when they didnt answer we ate them, and thats all I remember. :P If you think that was weird you have no idea how weird some of my other dreams are XD
Last night, I had a dream.
Well, no, it was a few months ago.
The OBC(original broadway cast) members of Rent were rehearsing at my Grandma's house on the fireplace, JK Rowling was watching, while trying to write a new Harry Potter book, and Shia Labouf was dancing on the table. Adam Pascal (Roger) was wearing his famous suspenders and kept forgetting his lines. After rehersal my grandma made us food. I didn't realize it was a dream until Anthony Rapp (Mark) ate a meat shishcabob (he's a vegitarian)
I think my fandom has reached critical mass.

This is worse than the one with queen elizabeth in a clowncar chasing me.
one night i dreamed that i was in a public bathroom being mugged by a game of ludo, but then my friend Emily came in and saved me...and for some reason she was wearing a superman outfit
i had a strange dream.. that i was a cabbage.
so i wrote mine out into a story for my english blog,
here it is ^______^

We both sat down at the side of the river.
I was with my best friend; Hannah, and we were sitting down for a picnic to watch the wild river swirl down the long passage which in inhabited. We sat in silence; it was easier for us to hear the beautiful animals and rustling of the lush trees that surrounded us.
A loud siren blared through the silence, shattering it like fragile fallen glass.
We jumped, and suddenly, could not control our bodies.
We walked stiffly, robotically to a long passage in a large room. The airport.
We were lined up behind several other people, and the only sounds that could be heard were the faint sounds of a voice and a slight moan.

Hannah and I approached the front, and we were soon able to see what was happening.
Seated at a table was Alice Cooper, and my pet cat, Duchess Morticia.
I was behind Hannah, who was next. I saw her line up and face Alice Cooper, as he reached into her stomach and pulled out each of her kidneys, tossing them carelessly onto a plate.
He picked up a large silver spoon resting next to my cat and pushed it into Hannah’s stomach.

He spooned out a jelly-like substance from her intestines, and lifted it to the mouth of my cat who astonishingly ate it.
She disappeared, and I was next in line. I knew I was supposed to turn and face him, but instead I ran through the large double doors concealed behind him, locking it as I entered. The room I entered was my high school classroom.
I could hear him yelling and bashing fiercely on the door.
His new desperate desire was to obtain my kidneys, and feed the substance in my intestines to my cat, which he named “Thumbumbulax”.

I desperately searched the room for a place to hide. Underneath the desk?
No, it would not conceal me properly. He would find me almost immediately.
I hid in the desk tray of one of the powder blue desks, and shut the lid over my curled body.
I could hear my breathing gradually becoming heavier and heavier.
Maybe he was gone.
I was about to touch the lid of the desk to peer out, but an aggressive motion seised this opportunity for me. He had lifted up the desk lid, and was now staring deeply into my eyes with a bloodthirsty gaze.
I screamed, and the desk tray failed to hold me. I dropped to the ground, this new pain in my back burning with a sensation of immense pain I had never experienced before.
I lifted myself off the ground, and bent my legs in a defensive position.
He chased me around the room. I ran over chairs and hid behind desks as he mirrored my moves exactly, although with a creepy, sadistic expression on his face and deep in his eyes.
I expected him to run down to the next desk as I was about to, but he surprised me by leaping over the desk, almost landing on me.
However, my reflexes seemed to be the only thing working. My back snapped as I squatted down to avoid harm, and when I glanced up, he wasn’t there.
He had disappeared.
Everything had disappeared.
I was squatting down in darkness; everything was black.
I was hiding in a shadow.
I was running away from these guys, so I ran into my school. The inside of the school looked like a dojo, and giant crickets came out to attack me as well. Then, I go into this room that looks like my living room, go on the couch, and go to sleep, like there aren't things trying to kill me.

A clown was involved somehow in the dream, but I can't remember where it comes into play exactly.
i often have a dream, of where i'm supposed to be doing something, but i'm in my bed, like,

i would be at school, in my bed, supposed to be doing my math, but i won't get out of bed.
i've had it like 5 times, every time its a different place, and its always something stressing me out
Really really really strange dream last night. I'm only commenting because it had John in it (:

Me, my little sister (i think), John, and Ron Weasley were staying in a weird treehouse-ish thing in a rainforest in France (it gets stranger). There were weird snakes everywhere and nobody was bothered by this. John and my little sister were on the ground, i was on the ladder and Ron was in the treehouse and then this weird giant alligator type thing jumped of a pool and tried to eat John. My sister ran away but John tried to get it to go into the river. That probably didn't work because the alligator jumped up and smashed through the treehouse. Then a snake went through the middle of my arm (that hurt) and i jumped off the ladder, which was about 6ft off the ground. I ran up a path onto a road and a Jeep came and a guy in it told me to take John to the hospital. So me and John cycled up this big hill in the middle of the French Alps (i know thats where it was because there was a big mountain and the signs were in French =D) but then i decided i couldnt be bothered cycling up the big hill even if it was the way to the hospital and i fell over onto the grass. And then i kinda woke up (:

That was probably one of the most complicated dreams i have ever had. Including the one i had about my friend getting married to her boyfriend but he hadnt turned up yet. Believe me it was weirder than it sounds. :-D


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