Well everyone seems to be concentrating on this chat thing, so I thought I'd bring attention back to the clue and wonder if anyone is able to go to the Berkeley Pit and retrieve the clue! I would assume that it opens in about an hour??? And I'm nowhere near the place geographically so it's up to our volunteers from yesterday to go, if they can!!!

:Is excited!:

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What happened with the Maureen clue?
I and a few other people went to look for it and it never showed up. It's the Case of the Disappearing Clues
I just spent the last five minutes converting Butte into an mp3 file. (Hoo ha computer Nerdfighters!) I'll put it in my mp3 player later...
Still waiting for my Hank cd in the mail.

I hope someone comes soon with help on this clue!

eta: my ning says Hank is online....
We needs help please.
:D *rushes over*
i just got on, can someone fill me in to what happened with the clue, did anyone retrieve it yet?
Live on BLOGTV to discuss the scavenger hunt!!!
I missed the blogtv
It was 2am here. I went to bed at 1am.

*note to self:be more dedicated*
John will be announcing tour dates tomorrow morning on BlogTV. 11 AM Indianapalos(sp?) time.

(From Hank on BlogTV)

I plan on watching. Hopefully I'll be able to get in the main room this time.
On the vlogbrothers account or NeverFTBA?


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