Well everyone seems to be concentrating on this chat thing, so I thought I'd bring attention back to the clue and wonder if anyone is able to go to the Berkeley Pit and retrieve the clue! I would assume that it opens in about an hour??? And I'm nowhere near the place geographically so it's up to our volunteers from yesterday to go, if they can!!!

:Is excited!:

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you should make an uncensored one,
just for the heck of it,
thanks for doing that again ann, you rock!
Yay! Show us what really happened!
We must not shy away from the realities of life....(or other dodgy arguments which might convince you to show us...?)

We are so grateful that you went ALLthat way...can you feel all the nerdfighter love?
Oh, Ann! What a trooper. Now the question is... where the heck is the clue!?!!!?

May I add that the scavenger hunt was so much easier to follow In My Pants.
I think the clue just got lost.
Hank, are you still posting on disscussions?


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