I was curious what all of us have scored on the Myers-Briggs test. I'm pretty sure I've seen a lot of Idealists (or NFs...see the coincidence made me wonder) in here, but let's see! Post your Myers-Briggs type here, I'll keep careful tally of the different sorts.
For those who haven't taken it before (or haven't taken it in a while or forgot or whatever), the test is here:
It's rather long (72 yes/no questions) so you'll need to set some time aside for it. When you're done, just post those four letters that pop up on top.

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INTP...but apparently not by much.


INTP, supposedly "the sociopath of all personality types."  Nice, nice, very nice.

INTP! Rationals FTW!

I took something really similar to this and got INFP. When I read the description, some of it made me say, "Whoa! How did they know I do that?!?!" :) Then again, some of it was a little 'non-me', but, still, it was pretty cool. 



Ahhh! I am so glad this thread exists. I am completely obsessed with MBTI.

Anyway, I am an ENFJ (the most introverted of the extroverted types, which fits incredibly well with me). 

Also, I saw a lot of you are INFPs, so is John Green! How super cool is that? 

I have read a looooot on this stuff so if anyone is interested in more information, I would be happy to send you some links! :) It's easy to sometimes get type incorrectly, which is why reading up on different types is super helpful. 

BTW, I am new on ning, but I have been a nerdfighter for awhile. So HELLO!!! 

hello there!



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