I was curious what all of us have scored on the Myers-Briggs test. I'm pretty sure I've seen a lot of Idealists (or NFs...see the coincidence made me wonder) in here, but let's see! Post your Myers-Briggs type here, I'll keep careful tally of the different sorts.
For those who haven't taken it before (or haven't taken it in a while or forgot or whatever), the test is here:
It's rather long (72 yes/no questions) so you'll need to set some time aside for it. When you're done, just post those four letters that pop up on top.

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Me too! :D

Second ENTP

I'm also an INTJ.

I got ENFP/INFP. It's weird seeing how both described me so spot on!

I'm an ISFP. Surprisingly accurate.







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