Something you wish you did over the summer but didn't do...

My english teacher posed this question to my class as homework. Instead of writing about what we did over the summer, he wanted us to write about what we didn't do but wish we did. My list includes (but isn't limited to): Finishing my novel, petting a llama, and reading the entire Harry Potter series (again) from start to end. I was curious to know what other people wish they had done, both silly and serious.

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Been a NF sooner
Ha, same here. I didn't discover the path to awesome until late July. :-)
Yeah, I made a list of things that I should have done over the summer, something I crossed out, and other things I put a large red FAIL next to.
#1- being more social, I was determined to plan a movie night with my friends, but after the first few weeks of summer, I kinda lost touch with my friends, until a day before school started. Which was rather depressing.
#2 - I wanted to take all of my notes from the previous years and organize them for easy referencing.
#3- I wanted to read Dante's Inferno as well as finish Pride and Prejudice... for some reason I forgot to read those books, though I read everything else I could get my hands on.

haha, petting a llama, I love how completely random that is.
I wish I went skydiving >_<
I was supposed to but didn't have enough money...=(
I also wanted to finish the Harry Potter series again but I only got to book number 6 XD
All that schoolwork I didn't doo... :S One essay (half finnished, the hard part left), a couple of programming tasks, and two reports. As I said, I wrote half an essay...

I allso said I'd start dealing with my sociality problem. I've written a few posts on some forums.

But being a pessimist since birth I preferr focusing on what I did do. I've never been as active socially as I was this summer. And I haven't been as active as I was this summer in a long time. Nor as happy.
Re-reading HP was on my list but I finised all of them...within a few days...that was a fun few days.
Some things I never got around to are memorizing all the presidents (I only got to #28, Woodrow Wilson), working on my music for IMEA (one of the top bands in the state of IL), and working on my book. Oh and I also only read about 48/68 of the books on my summer reading list.
Hmmm i wanted to learn a new language, learn to play guitar, Leave the country, road trip, and have a summer fling. sadly none of these happened. i spent the last three weeks of summer reading eight books and trying over 75 pages of wook for my ap's. so that sucked. Maybe next summer ill be more productive.
Dye my hair green.
- get a job, (though i have one now, thank jesus)
- move to omaha,
- something romance related not suitable for people i don't know on the internet to know,
- workout consistently, (actually i did do this, but it wasn't very intense and i'm probably no fitter now than i was at the beginning of the summer, although i may be slimmer (i have no idea) i still have a lot of work to do before i'm actually in shape. sigh)
- follow a diet that actually involved eating daily and more than three kinds of food in a week (i'm too lazy to explain my weird eating habits online)
& finally
- figuring out how i'm going to pay for college without crippling debt
(that one will probably never be achieved)

oh well... here's to fall/winter/get it done before next year goals
Meet John Green.
I hope you get your chance during the tour!
- Start my novel [fdsjaklfdjsalk I swear Ill get to it soon ><']
- Get a job [*sob* Its... so... hard...]
- Spend more time with my family and friends.


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