so yea.
What is the least nerdy about you?
If you have to choose a thing about you that you think isn't very nerdy what would it be (:?

sorry if I spelled anything wrong but I'm danish so I don't usally speak english ^__^

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er, well, umm.
I dont know XD
I I think I'm all nerd :P
haha yea I think alot of us in here are nerd all the way through : D
wow I love this site =P
finally somewhere where my nerdiness is apreciated!! XD

btw I'm like the worste speller EVER so I probably had like a billion mistakes
When I lived in Fiji I did competitive surfing, successfully! Lol
maybe that isn't very nerdy but it's still completly awesome :D!
so you lived in Fiji? that sounds nice ^__^ ?
On the contrary, Fiji was the first country to be expelled from the Pacific Islands Forum (not a forum like this one mind you) for not holding democratic elections by the due date set for July 13th, 2009.
wow awesome! :O
wish I could surfe =P
I like reading girlymags. Cosmo, Glamour, etc.
Me too. 'tis somewhat embarrassing. XD
Same here! I like to be "in the know". It's not like aspire to be one of the celebreties or anything.
I am horribly addicted to celebrity magazines. I guess it makes me feel better that while Lindsay Lohan is caught with having a fake tan or Madonna has old lady hands, I have real problems.
Oh man. My mom LOVES celebrity gossip. She's not the typical "celebrity gossip lover," though, so it's okay. =3

Although SWEET JEBAS it is hard to watch TV with her.


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