as the title says;
if your listening to some music right now then answer down below what music your listining to ^__^

I could start:
I'm listening to The Main Theme from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Why? Cos I'm a nerd (and the main theme from Buffy is just amazing!) :D
your turn!

DFTBA nerdfigthers.

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I'm going to correct you because you did it repeatedly - listen is spelled l i s t e n.
I'm sorry. I'm danish so I don't usually speak english. But thank you for correcting me because now I'm probably not gonna make that mistake again - hopefully ^__^
I figured as such. Danish people are cool cats. :D
I do also believe that I'm a cool cat so thank you xD
Oxford Comma - Vampire Weekend
Love love love love that song.
They are kind of a nerd band lol.
Vampire Weekend = the epitome of Awesome!

I listen to Oxford Comma when I'm collapsing under the pressure put on me by my awfully conservative English teacher. ^^
Vampire Weekend is GREAT in concert!
I saw them at summerstage in central park and it was FANTASTIC!
I'm listening to Hanks Book Eight song. Also cuz I'm a nerd and because its been stuck in my head all day!
I'm listening to "Jackson Cannery" by Ben Folds Five. It's on their first album. Highly recommended!
If I Only had the Heart- The Maine
Awesome song.
Awesome Band.


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