This is not directed at everyone, but I've seen a lot of comments on here that seem to be of the thought that religion as a concept is stupid. Now frankly, I don't get this. People have been philosophising about the existance of God for the past several thousand years, and the conclusion is pretty much that all that can be said has been said. There is no way to definite way to prove that the universe is Godless or any definite way to prove that the univese has a divine entity of some kind. Now I know that religious people of all afiliations say some rather stupid things on occasion, but then thats not a charateristic thats limited to religious people. It seems to me that the world for some reason looks down on religion as a concept as somehow childish and immature. Since its a concept which encourages us to be the best people we can possibly be, amoungst other things, I struggle to see the stupidity there. So this is really a question to all those with a negative attitude towards the concept of religion (not religious peoples occasional stupidity/hypocracy etc, the concept). Why do you think religion is stupid?

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People don't need religion to be good people, but if that's where you need to look to for guidance to be the person you want to be, so be it. Isn't it only fair that we accept what other people believe? I know that a lot of the time religious people do not want to accept that some people don't want or need religion in their lives, but it's like being excited about giving a friend some book you loved or something -- if it did something for you, then you want those you care about, and even those you don't, to try it, because as people we want to spread the word about things that we are passionate about. I think that if people who lived their lives without God were passionate about there not being a god, etc, then we wouldn't have these problems. There would be arguments and debates, rather than just religious zealots pressing their beliefs on the masses.

I don't think that religion is stupid (I happen to be a spiritual person myself), but I don't think that it should be pressed on anyone. I think that because those who are agnostic or don't believe in God simply complain about the religious people pressing their beleifs on them, we see the crazy bible thumpers and the unwilling victims instead of two opposing parties. That's just how it works out in the world, and I think that the sooner we accept that, then the sooner we can put a lot of issues revolving religion to rest. my opinion. But what do I know?

Did that make any sense? Probably not.
I agree that religion shouldn't be pushed on anyone.. If a person is going to believe in God they need to believe in God for themselves.
Makes great sense.
I don't believe in God, yet I don't consider myself an atheist. Really, I find the Christians I know to think that THEY are always right about everything philosophical. Or at least that's how they act around me. My science teacher (while we were learning about the Big Bang theory) even had to say "I'm not telling you what to believe, this is just the science behind us" because of all the Jesus-freaks in my school. They kinda tick me off, too.
It's not God that I dislike. It's his fanclub.
"Dear God, protect me from your followers."


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