ok so i live in paris (where obviously not many people know about the vlogbrothers)... but the other day, coming home on the metro (=subway) I was reading An Abundance of Katherines and the girl in front of me asks me how i knew the book... yeeey! the first nerdighter i'd ever met. it made me really happy :D
what are your stories about meeting nerdfighters ?

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I've never met any NerdFighters that way. :(
I wish I could.
Wow, you're so lucky ! I also live in Paris, but sadly never encoutered a nerdfighter ! (et pourtant c'est pas faute de me trimballer les livres de John Green partout ! ;D) Je suis vraiment contente d'être tombée sur ce sujet ! tu en connais beaucoup toi ?
haha non j'en connais une autre: ma soeur ^^
tu habites où exactement?
ouah génial ! j'habite vers la gare montparnasse (mais je suis à Paris pour mes études)
et toi ? (si tu veux, pour pas trop spammer ton sujet, on peut peu-être continuer ça dans les commentaires ?)
nope i haven't

maybe one day tho :)
that would be really cool to happen to anyone! nice job managing to do that by the way.

The other day there was a girl in the student resource building who was wearing a Pizza John shirt.  I was so excited I flashed the Nerdfighter gang sign, but sadly, she didn't really respond.  : /

Once in a books shop when I was buying paper towns I saw that the person in front of me in the Que had the book in there hands as well so we started talking, I wasn't sure whether he was a nerd fighter or not and didn't want to flat out ask in case I sounded crazy. But as he was leaving I told him to DFTBA and he turned around and just went "Don't worry I wont" apart from that the only other nerdfighter I know is the friend I introduced to the green brothers.


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