For my senior quote, I've decided to choose one from either Hank, John, or from one of John's books. Now my only challenge is choosing one! So. what's your favorite Hank and/or John quote?

It was due. I went with the classic "Don't Forget To Be Awesome!"
Thanks, everybody! I'll leave the discussion up because there is a dire need for a collection of amazing quotes. Keep responding!

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"*cough, cough* Hold on *cough* I just swallowed a gnat. Stupid Nature." June 28th
I was thinking something more philosophical. You know, because it's for the yearbook and all.
I do love that quote though!
Best Wishes! Its a famous one and it actually applies for a senior quote sort of thing.

I like that one!

are we all is monkeys with pants. *but you have to sing it.*
Maybe you could kinda restate *has to go get LFA*.... "I choose the labyrinth. The labyrinth blows,but I choose it."

Or the ever popular "I go to seek the Great Perhaps"

And the main one "How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!" might not fit but it's still good.

That's all I got becuase A. I really don't want to go through the entire book for good senior quotes and B. I'm ticked there isn't a place for Green brother quotes on the internet (I checked...-_-)
'Straight and fast."
There's no Green Brother Quotes site but There Is a Looking For Alaska Quotes site =]

[For those who have not read LFA yet DO NOT GO TO THE SITE, it has Spoilers!]
I learned recently that LindsAy is the female spelling and LindsEy is the male spelling. I will apparently be getting letters addressed to Mr. Lindsey, according to my source. That is, once I start getting mail. :P
Internet Sensations B%*$"!

i just crack up every time when Hank comes up with that... not sure its much use for a senior quote tho.
"I don't like it when people undo hugs, you can't undo hugs." -Hank - August 9th: Anagramming Guide to the 2008 Elections

"And finally, possibly my favorite...poor Joe Biden. I NEED JOB!" - Hank -(same video)
", of course I'm shellacked." -John Green - Youtube Responds to the Debate


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