Mine does. It's pretty much the week before the homecoming game.
Two weeks from now is mine. I think. -is bad with countig days-

Well, we have:

Magical Monday; I was very excited about dressing up as a wizard, but alas, we're supposed to dress up as a cartoon character. I'm going to be a Mudkip. -supergrin-

Twin Tuesday; Self-explanatory. I'm going to be my best friend.

Wednesday; Opposite day. The guys dress in drag, as do the girls. I'm going to be Dr. Who.

Flash back Thursday; I'm going to be from the eighties. Maybe a Fraggle.

Spirit Red and White Day; Face painting FTW!

Do you have a spirit week?

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It just ended today actually, with a pep rally and a dance tomorrow. wahoo! XD.


Monday - Class Color Day (Ours was orange. Yes, orange.)
Tuesday - Opposite Sex Day - Same as yours =)
Wednesday - Peace Day (or Go Green)
Thursday - College Day (BONFIRE. Woo)
Friday - Spirit Day! Red, White, & Black. (GAME. Which we lost. Again. No surprise there though I s'pose.)
Last time we had a twin day, my BFFL and I tied ourselves together at the waist.

I miss high school spirit week. I wish college had one. :(
Yes. It just ended. Monday was cavemen, tuesday was egypt, wednesday was future ,thursday was togas, friday school colors
Ours ended today. Tonight was the game. Our spirit week is lame.
Monday: Tie-dye day ( I was absent, and I had a wicked awesome shirt.)
Tuesday- Camo day ( I wanted to dress as a brick wall.. But didnt have the time.)
Wed.- Multiplicity day (I made 7 identical t-shirts, personlized with names, it was SWEET)
Thurs.- Theme Day- Seniors-Babys
Juniors- Adults
SOPHOMORES!!!- Pre-teen ( I wore a rockin' spongebob shirt w/ toe socks.)
Freshies-old people
Fri- Black and Gold day.
Actually, my sister's on the student council, and she told me it'd go like this...

Monday- Bad hair/silly hat day!
Tuesday- Hippie day? (they're not quite sure yet.)
Wednesday- Opposite day/Teacher switch.
Thursday- Pajama/slipper day.
Friday- (since it's gonna be on the 13th, cuz the 14th's on saturday) Pi Day!

It still kinda sucks, but oh well.
We had one, although no one participated this year. We have really lame themes.

We had tie dye day, hat day, class day (each grade gets a different colour), school colour day, and...I don't remember the last.

We need better themes.
I have Spirit Week.

We always get stuff like 'Hip-Hop Day' (one time a bloke came to school with a Gamecube on a chain around his neck...yeah), 'Disco Day' (boys in short-shorts and sweatbands, woot!), 'Dress-Up Day' (I was a Slytherin) and other fairly common stuff. Of course, the last day of Spirit Week is Pride Day.
We do! We have one for homecoming and one before Sadie Hawkins. This just happens to be the spring spirit week. Ugh.


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