So yess...i think that i have a new perspective on the whole movie vs. book thing.i wanna keep this short but i basically agree with all of you(esp. the "fluff" comment).

im still excited...and im still expecting the movie to not be as good as the book...even tho the book has it's apparent weak spot.

and im still...wanting to hear ur opinion!=]

what say you about the twilight movie?movies in general?or the world that stephenie meyer has created in the Twilight book series?

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I think it's very important to understand that movies and books are two separate forms of media and that you have to take them each for what they are, don't compare them. Yeah, the books were great, but the movie could also be great regardless of whether it captures every detail or not. I'll probably like the books more than the movies, but that's just me (and probably the majority of nerdfighters.) Some movies are better than the books, like LotR. Don't hit me J.R.R. Tolkien fans!

Anyways, that's my long reply. I'm also psyched for the movie!
after i saw the the new trailer i know tht the movie wont be crappy im more than excited im always jumping up and down everyday b/c thts one less day til the movie comes out (if tht makes sense)
omg.same.everyday i less daY!yess i totally know what you mean!=]
40 Day 5 Hours 54 Minutes til it comes out
wow..ur even more hardcore than i am .haha
ummm thanks i guess but i only know because i have a countdown clock on my page
Movies are usually aimed at a "less intellectual" crowd (This tendency is even more common in American films). I don't mean to say that the people who watch these movies are members of this crowd, but none the less, this is the audience the media is aimed at. (I, myself, watch endless mindless TV shows... they're totally mind numbing, but I don't care enough to stop wasting my life in front of them... XD)

Books, on the other hand, are aimed at the opposite crowd. Although Twilight, in my opinion, isn't an exceptionally "smart" book, because it consists mostly of "fluff" as my mother would so condescendingly call it, --though she wouldn't like to admit it-she eats it all up and begs for seconds-- you know the "fluff" I'm referring to, girl meets boy, boy is exceedingly sexy, girl is also very sexy but she doesn't think so, they both like each other, there's some drama, they end up living happily ever after endlessly rich and beautiful together. Yeah.

Because of this, I think the transforming of books to movies are generally a bad idea. (I know, I know, its a great idea for the movie maker because they end up LOADED-but it's a bad idea for the book readers....)
If someone who read the book goes to the movie, the fluff that was already there is played up, and the specific bits the readers usually liked BEST about the books are left out...

SO yeah...
i don't think it'll be crappy, but it definitely won't be the same as the books. i am not uber excited, but i am looking forward to it!! :D


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