Hey Nerdfighteria!

I hope you are all excited about the eclipse occurring in a few hours! It's a marvel of science and nature that happens so very rarely in our lifetimes.

It's going to cross where I live in Far North Queensland, Australia at 5:44am to 7ish (+10 GMT) (about six hours from now), I'm super excited.

I've decided to live stream the event on my youtube channel (MrDreigon) using hangouts on air. (Thanks to Hank btw, his ramblings while working it our for himself, helped me work it out myself)

Anyone else excited about this, it's going to look amazing!

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Well poop on a stick. I ain't gonna see it.

I'm happy for you. Unfortunately i live in Austria, the other End of the World. The last (and only) full solar eclipse i have seen live was 1999.

Super jealous :) How was it? Wonder if that ever happens in Norway? Never heard of a total eclipse happening here before... might be too far north? oO

We had a cloud covering up totality, so we mostly only got to experience the darkness (which was really cool at least). No solar corona for us :/

@Eystein I think they happen all over the world, although that might just be eclipses in general.

@Tom At least you live in an awesome place, I want to come to Austria one day and ride the alpine coaster things.

I recorded a time lapse of it with my tablet and a full HD version with my sony handycam, so I'll upload those to youtube soon. I've seen alot of amazing pictures on Google+ of the eclipse from other places.

Oh no, what a shame... about the clouds I mean. I've checked the prognosis for Norway too and there's none scheduled for the next 80 years at least, so I guess I have to plan a trip somewhere else. I've heard one have to book decades ahead, although a tent might do perhaps.


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