Ok so if you have been on 20Q now like john, you have probably been either amazed or laughing like crazy. I was just on and picked the name game and used John. Heres what happened:

Q18. I am guessing that it is John?
Right, Wrong, Close
17. Are they an overachiever? No.
16. Do they have a biblical name? Yes.
15. Are they an only child? No.
Is it a European name? Unknown.
14. Are they very political? Yes.
13. Would you lend them your car? Yes.
12. Are they a musician? No.
11. Do they go to school? No.
10. Do they like video games? Yes.
9. Do they lie? Sometimes.
8. Are they neat? No.
7. Do they get it? Yes.
6. Do they like their name? Yes.
5. Are they restless? No.
4. Do they have trouble concentrating? No.
3. Are they athletic? No.
2. Do they wear jewelry? No.
1. It is classified as First name.

Did you get any funny or cool ones? POST THEM HERE

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This has been around for a while, it's just been in a hand-held device rather than having to do it on the internet.
Q17. I am guessing that it is John Green (Nerdfighter and author)?
Right, Wrong, Close
16. Are you a nerd? Yes.
15. Did you die before the year 1900? No.
14. Were you born before 1975? No.
13. Do you have tattoos? No.
12. Do you wear glasses? Yes.
11. Are you involved with music? No.
10. Are you a veteran of your sport? No.
9. Are you American? Yes.
8. Have you ever won an Olympic gold medal? No.
7. Are you a lead singer? No.
6. Do you perform Reggae music? No.
5. Do you play guitar? No.
4. Do you use a ball? No.
3. Do you wear makeup? No.
2. Are you young? Yes.
1. Are you an actor? No.
Q17. I am guessing that it is Hank Green (Nerdfighter and EcoGeek)?
Right, Wrong, Close
16. Do you play guitar? Yes.
15. Do you wear glasses? Yes.
14. Are you very popular in Europe? No.
13. Are you a composer? No.
12. Are you married? Yes.
11. Do you have dark hair? No.
10. Are you a leader? Yes.
9. Have you performed live since 2000? Yes.
8. Did you star in a 2005 movie? No.
7. Does your name end in a vowel? No.
6. Did you win a major event/title at a young age? No.
5. Do you have long hair? No.
4. Are you British? No.
3. Do you have blond hair? Yes.
2. Are you on television? No.
1. Are you under 40 years old? Yes.
A LOT of nerdfighters must be doing John Green right now. I did John (it got him in 16 questions), then decided to see who it would guess if I did my nerdfightastic teacher, and it ended up guessing John! It made me laugh really hard.
I chose "movies" and thought of: "The Bourne Ultimatum."

Q20. I am guessing that you were thinking of The Bourne Ultimatum?
Right, Wrong, Close
19. Is it tragic? No.
18. I guessed that you were thinking of Lucky Number Slevin? Close.
17. Does it have a memorable quote? Probably.
16. Did it stir up controversy? No.
Was it nominated for an award? Unknown.
15. Does the title have a person's name in it? Yes.
14. Is it colorful? No.
Is it popular in the UK? Unknown.
13. Does someone get betrayed? Yes.
12. Is a superhero part of the plot? No.
11. Is it a thriller? Yes.
10. Is it a tearjerker? No.
9. Does it have a large cast? Yes.
8. Is it about family life? No.
7. Does it involve a murder? Yes.
6. Is it a Bollywood film? No.
5. Is it a drama? Sometimes.
4. Is it about the present? Yes.
3. Does it have a sequel? No.
2. Is it violent? Yes.
Is it eccentric? Unknown.
1. Was it made after the year 2000?

Yes, it's cool, but in order for it to work properly, you have to know pretty much everything about the person/place/thing that you chose.
I tried doing it as John, and it thought it was Edgar Allen Poe. I think that's something to be proud of XD
It eventually got John on question 25. But I did it as Hank as well, and it got it in I think 16 questions.
Q17. I am guessing that it is John Green (Nerdfighter and author)?
Right, Wrong, Close
16. Are you female? No.
15. Do you have a nickname? No.
14. Are you strange? Yes.
13. Are you a quarterback? No.
12. Do you play outdoors? No.
11. Were you ever a world champion? No.
10. Have you ever won the World Series? No.
9. Are you young? Yes.
8. Are you a lead singer? No.
7. Are you British? No.
6. Do you play Folk music? No.
5. Do you play an instrument? No.
4. Did you star in a 2005 movie? No.
3. Are you a teenager? No.
2. Are you on a hit TV show? No.
1. Are you considered controversial? No.

John is graceful only in a nerdfighter way that perceive falling down laughing is kind of nerdfighterly graceful.
So, I was doing the quiz for myself, in order to see what response I would get.

After one bad guess, and then an okay one, I got this:

I found it weird the way they asked are you attractive?
Isn't that a matter of opinion?
I did 20Q thinking about John but got Hank on the first guess! Then when it compared my answers to what it had "learned" about John it said this:

Are you attractive? You said No, 20Q was taught by other players that the answer is Yes.

Oops. Sorry, John. Lol

I played the game and used Darren Criss (the guy in A Very Potter Musical). 

It said;

"I am guessing that it is Hank Green (videoblogger and EcoGeek?)"


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