Last year I participated in a 50 book challenge and I fell a little short of the mark, but only cuz I started about 3 months into the year (ahem, yeah right). Several fellow nerdfighters wanted to join me in my quest, so here we are!

Start a thread with your personal goal for, and then add on as you read throughout the year. This way we get to see what everyone else is reading & keep each other in check. Feel free to add me as a friend, or you might get a friends request from me--so we keep each other in line!

Good Luck,
Allison :-)

P.S. YES, there will be a 50 Book Challenge!!

Added Note: Here's my list of what I have read so far for this year's challenge!

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Ok, this seems fun.
I currently have one book read so far. It's The Princess and the Hound.
1. The Princess and the Hound - Mette Ivie Harrison

I almost have Stardust finished. Next, I'm going to buy the last Princess Diaries book.
Fifty books this year? Easy! I'm such a bookworm... Ok, so I've read the tales of beedle the bard (jk rowling), spud: the madness continues (john van de ruit), impossible (nancy werlin), memoirs of a teenage amnesiac... (can't remember who wrote that one) so that's what I've read this year so far
Pam, Gabrielle Zevin wrote "Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac". I read that a few years back. I have her other book "Elsewhere" if you want to read that. It was really good.

I love Gabrielle Zevin's books, but one of my friends "borrowed" Elsewhere and I never got it back :[
That's a travesty! I LOVEEE 'Elsewhere' and I got a copy from my local library for being apart of their youth group because they had too many copies of it <333
yeah, i loved "Elsewhere" XD
and MofTA too, but Elsewhere was better XD
How was the tales of beedle the bard? I'm not sure if I want to read it. I liked the Harry Potter series, but I don't want it to be another Harry Potter series, if you catch my drift. Basically what I'm saying is I don't want her to turn out to be like Dan Brown or Chuck Palahniuk.
no, it was good. it was just a short collection of fairytales, like Jk rowling said it would be. only... they weren't fairytales in the way you would think. they don't have happy endings, and they're kind of gruesome. you really should read it. i liked it.
fuck you, chuck palahniuk is the greatest writer.

his smart ,witty, hilarious, dark, deadpan writing so some of the best thing to grace this earth.

he's rthe best because of the situations he establishes, and because he isnt a fraid to go THERE.
sorry for the bad spellings and shit.

i wrote it pretty fast =/
fountain of fair fortune is awesome!
LOL I love irony and I want to read that book


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