There's an app for everything nowadays. I mean, I even have a virtual toaster on my iPod. But we don't have a Nerdfighters app? I think we should have an app for iPhone/iPod/Droid that has the chat on it and maybe a small mini version of the forums? 

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Agreed. I have to use my iPod for everything at the moment and the site on this browser isn't enough.
Even if it was just a working pocket-sized version of the chat and a direct link to the forums so you don't have to try to navigate to them through a 3-inch screen would be good enough for me. The fact that I can't use the chat on my iPod makes me sad.
that would be....well,awesome :)
Double agreed
Hehe, I'm on my iPod now. If you go on the website on an iPod/iPad/iPhone it comes up in a mobile format, with just the activity, profile, members and forum. You can save that to your home page and it has a little nerdfighter button. Voilà, nerdfighter app-ish-thing.
Hope this helps.
Hmm, that's cool. I'm sure the chat doesn't work, but at least this has a mobile version now.
The mobile version drives me insane, you can't access the forums properly. I normally just turn the mobile version off and use the normal site layout.
I've never tried getting on here via iPod, but most sites, especially ones with forums, work poorly with iPod/cell OS's.
... Forgive my asking but what is the purpose of a virtual toaster?
Because it's awesome! You can even adjust how dark you want the toast, how many slices you want, and now you can even choose between a bagel or English muffin instead of just sliced bread!
But doesn't that just make you hungry?


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