My good friend, Kevin Ramsey, has passed away. He was a very shy, yet very proud Nerdfighter. Going as far as tattooing "DECREASE WORLD-SUCK" on his arm. I know he rarely if ever posted anything here and no one knows him but he should not simply be forgotten. Please don't let my friend fade away from the community that he regarded as an a long distance family that he would literally do anything for. 


Thank you very much for reading.


EDIT: PS: I have been looking through his things and have found some attempts to contact John or Hank Green in regards to a shirt he wanted to make based off one of Hanks songs. If there is anyway that anyone could help contact them for me to get permission to make the shirt I would greatly appreciate it. Personally I would just make it but he wanted permission so I wouldn't feel right to not get it for him.


PSS: Thank you all for all your support and words of kindness..

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Rest in Awesome, Kevin.

agreed.  and i so have to remember that.  i love peace, but awesome is better. 

i'd also like to give my condolences.  wax philosophical all you want about it's necessity, death may be the only unbeatable contributer to world-suck.

hope we're keeping suck levels down in your world, though.

Alot, and thank you for yours and everyones kind words.


that may be so danno but that would make life the unbeatable contributor to world-awesome.  and i'm sure anyone who knew kevin (i didn't) would happily say that kevin contributed to awesome simply by existing, let alone whatever other memorable things he did for his mates, which would be doubly-triply-awesome.

hope its not rude of me to interject. just trying to b+

Agreed. Hank and John have got to see this :)

Any ideas on how?


wow, this sounds patronizing even to me...but you've tried their emails right?  sparksflyup and/or ...

Yeah, I have sent an email. I would send more but I don't want to spam their account either. I am sure they get TONS of messages as well. Perhaps they will get them and respond at some point.  Thanks Danno.


welcome, is kinda obvious, but that's why it get's missed.  and you're right, they must get a bunch...i know they have things set up for the vlogs to come here, but don't know if they have outright accounts...let me check something in Your Pants...
I'm sorry for your lose, Kevin sounds like he was an awesome guy. I really hope you get permission for making the t-shirts... maybe instead of an email you could do a video blog and attach it to one of their (Hank and Johns) videos or send it to them via youtube. Good Luck all the best.
Have you tried making a video response to one of their vlogs? I know it's a delicate subject to talk about on camera but it may attract more attention than an email. 


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