My good friend, Kevin Ramsey, has passed away. He was a very shy, yet very proud Nerdfighter. Going as far as tattooing "DECREASE WORLD-SUCK" on his arm. I know he rarely if ever posted anything here and no one knows him but he should not simply be forgotten. Please don't let my friend fade away from the community that he regarded as an a long distance family that he would literally do anything for. 


Thank you very much for reading.


EDIT: PS: I have been looking through his things and have found some attempts to contact John or Hank Green in regards to a shirt he wanted to make based off one of Hanks songs. If there is anyway that anyone could help contact them for me to get permission to make the shirt I would greatly appreciate it. Personally I would just make it but he wanted permission so I wouldn't feel right to not get it for him.


PSS: Thank you all for all your support and words of kindness..

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Rest in Awesome Kevin.. u never forgot to be awesome

Rest in Awesome, Kevin. You decreased world suck just by being your awesome self.

Rest in awesome Kevin, good luck getting the tshirt design to Hank and John :)

Rest In Awesome Kevin.

So sorry to hear about this :(  RIA, Kevin <3

Best wishes to you and his family

Rest in Awesome Kevin.

Rest in Awesome Kevin. That star has not gone out

You're a great friend for wanted to complete his goals. I hope that we can help you fulfill Kevin's wish, and that you are able to get through a really difficult event. 

Hey! Start a tumblr post! Lots of people will see it, and Hank and John included! If you need help, the nerfighters are excellent at being awesome.

I hope Kevin rests in peace and awesome.

in pawsome?

Rest in awesome, Kevin. 


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