My good friend, Kevin Ramsey, has passed away. He was a very shy, yet very proud Nerdfighter. Going as far as tattooing "DECREASE WORLD-SUCK" on his arm. I know he rarely if ever posted anything here and no one knows him but he should not simply be forgotten. Please don't let my friend fade away from the community that he regarded as an a long distance family that he would literally do anything for. 


Thank you very much for reading.


EDIT: PS: I have been looking through his things and have found some attempts to contact John or Hank Green in regards to a shirt he wanted to make based off one of Hanks songs. If there is anyway that anyone could help contact them for me to get permission to make the shirt I would greatly appreciate it. Personally I would just make it but he wanted permission so I wouldn't feel right to not get it for him.


PSS: Thank you all for all your support and words of kindness..

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RIA Kevin!
he will not be forgotten

Rest in Awesome <3

I am so sorry for your loss and I hope that you get the recognition from Hank and John that you need.

i'm so sorry for your loss. your friend sounded like an awesome nerdfighter :) i've only just started following the vlogbrothers last month, but i think that if  you write a comment on one of their videoes (either their most popular ones or their newest ones) and say what you did here (as well as asking for thumbs up so the greens will see it) i'm pretty positive that it'll work. if enough people do that, then maybe hank and john will notice or make a comment. then you can get in contact with them. :)

good luck! i hope this helps, and if it doesnt, then i hope you find some other way to get the t shirts made :) i'm sure the vlogbrothers will do something about it once they find out. rest in awesome, kevin ramsey. i assure you that nerdfighters will never forget him, with or without the t-shirts.

best of luck, 


He'll be miss, he was a valuable asset to the nerd community
Rest in Awesome, Kevin.

Love, thoughts and prayers go out to you, and all those close to him. I agree with others; that the t-shirt would be a nice way to remember him. However, obviously there are personal issues there, as you mentioned. I hope that, whatever decision you make, you are happy with it. 


Rest In Awesome Kevin <3

You could do a secret Siblings post on one their latest youtube video (secret siblings being a video post) Hope It all works out for you DFTBA :')


R.I.A. I can't do anything to help you in your endeavor (because I don't have those kinds of skills), but good luck.

Rest in Awesome, Kevin



John and Hank need to make a video about this ASAP

What a great guy to pay all of the time to Nerdfighters! Thank you Kevin Ramsey for being a great Nerdfighter.
May you be missed and may you rest in Awesome.


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