i know most of us went to phila the other weekend but is anyone interested in haveing a nerdfighter gathering??

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I'm the nuseince (sp?) variable. I live about 45 minutes north east of Pittsburgh, but I'm sure I could talk the rest of my family into a family trip to Harrisburgh or Gettysburgh or Hersey.
Oh.... amusement parks! Knobles! We can go and just walk around cuz its free admission!
I live by philly. So how many people do we have? 10-12? Let's do it!
i think we should have it at the peeps factory. :)
nooooo we must do the peeps factory it screams nerd
i would go! um i read places like lancaster and harrisburg because they're in the middle of the state, google mapping it, it's kind of towards the bottom i think personally..
i think maybe pottstown? just suggesting :)
or maybe scranton, and the office nerds can go crazy haha.
yeahh! and go to nayaug park... thats a good meeting place!
This would be awesome, we should start planning the area more, maybe we can just find the city most of us are in and find a median area. Like, if most people are in between harrisburg and philladelphia then we shouldn't do harrisburg because its not really the middle of all of us.
but i say lets vote

1. knobles
2. peeps factory
3. renaissance fair
4. state park pot luck picnic/ board game/handheld game/ scare the locals nerdplosian
5. alternative

text your vote to 3254 to choose your next american idol
Hello, I'm finally active on this site looking for fellow nerdfighters in my state. Why has no one posted here for a year? Was this thread continued on another board?
Another nerdfighter and I are talking about scheduling a gathering in the Philly meet up thread :)


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