A Pen Pal to learn a language. (For people that want to learn a new language or teach theirs the fun way.)

My name is Norman King Franklin III but you can all call me trey.
I really want to find an Italian pen pal.

Being bilingual is optional on this chat. So if you want to learn a new language or teach your language please just post on here. This is an amazing way to make a friend worldwide. This is a discussion for e-mail type pen pals. 

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Sure. I'd love to teach you. But I'm 13 so i've still got school and may not answer right away. Especially with the time gap. It's 6 or 7 hours big. Here's my email:

This is what I like to see. 


Mailing, I guess. It's too hard to find a time where both of us are awake or not busy to use Skype calls. Do you know any of the absolute basics or are you a complete and utter beginner?
I speak English and Finnish fluently and French intermediately. Assistance in French would be awesome, but I would happily teach either of the other two to someone. Although, Finnish is an essentially pointless language unless you intend to move there! Not that doesn't make it a great language, haha x
I'd really love to learn Finnish!

i'd love to learn some finnish!


If anyone here's interested in learning an Indian language, contact me! I'd love to exchange mails with you!

Also, is there anyone here who knows basic / conversational Japanese? I might be visiting Japan (!) this summer.

this thread is epic! Anyway, I know a teensy bit of spanish(Donde esta el bano? and ect.) but I'd love learn the language, so if any of you spanish speakers want a challenge, email me at recently, I've been really fascinated by Japan and been researching japanese, so does anyone know that? (and I'd love to go more in-depth with my sign language, but I guess that'd be kinda hard to teach over the internet) thanks people!

I'd love to learn German or Italian but I can't give much since I can only teach English. :)

If someone would help I'd love it! :D

I know English (native to the US) and i can speak Spanish, not fluently, but i can hold up a conversation. I'm interested in any languages you have to offer :D this is an awesome thread!

Haha thanks for the boost in confidence on my thread making skills. I thought it was a good idea to bring the community closer through teaching your native, or non-native, languages to each other. Right now I'd like to learn Italian or Dutch. Italian because they have a delicious cuisine and Dutch so I'll understand more of my friend from Denmarks statuses on facebook.


Yea it's an awesome idea :) i could teach pig Latin.... or... sarcasm... yeaa.... :)


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