A Pen Pal to learn a language. (For people that want to learn a new language or teach theirs the fun way.)

My name is Norman King Franklin III but you can all call me trey.
I really want to find an Italian pen pal.

Being bilingual is optional on this chat. So if you want to learn a new language or teach your language please just post on here. This is an amazing way to make a friend worldwide. This is a discussion for e-mail type pen pals. 

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I'm from Argentina, which means I can teach some Spanish to someone if they want.
I'm super interested in learning more Spanish, if you're still interested. :D
I'm interested. How much would you say you know of Spanish? My email is . Send me an email if you want ;)
Awesome! I'm in my second year of taking it at school, but I obviously have a way to go before I'm fluent. I'm not sure how Argentinian Spanish would differ from the kind I've been learning, but we could give it a shot? I'll email you. (:
You probably learnt neutral Spanish, which is a bit different from Argentinian Spanish. But it's very similar in the writing, it differs a bit in the pronounciation.
This is excellnt guys, I am glad to see friendships being built and intelligence being given (Luciano). I hope this works out in the long run.
I've wanted to learn spanish for awhile so this would be cool.
I can teach Hebrew, I'd really love to learn anything, mostly Russian :D
I can't teach Russian (I know someone who could though...), but I'd love to learn Hebrew! I've already got basics (i.e. I know the alphabet and can sounds stuff out) but I'm going to Israel this summer so conversational Hebrew would be useful :D

Sure I'd be glad to help out, there's sort of a time zone gap, but that can be fixed.

Contact me when you want to start,

DFTBA and have a nice day :D (forgive the rhyme it was unintentional)

That is excellent guys. 
This is what i was trying to create an interlocking web through the internet. Full of education and pals. Right on guys!

i want to learn more hebrew i know some hebrew but because im not using it im starting to forget

אני יודעת קצת עברית


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