Hey, everybody. This may take some explaining, so stick with me for a little bit.

My name is Kent. I'm a University student in northern Ontario. It's currently my second year at University, and a good friend I made during my first year at this school is now my RA (Resident Advisor) for my floor this year. She's in a program that involves a lot of physical education-style classes, I can't remember the program name or the like (my memory is terrible).

That isn't part of the request, that's just some background. This friend of mine, well, she really likes music. In my opinion, she's a pretty good musician (she can sing, play guitar, and has some knowledge of drum and piano as well). Well, there's a contest going on right now, and if she wins she would get to open for Tyler Ward in Toronto. She won her way into the elimination rounds pretty easily, and won the first round by a large margin. However, this round she's doing less well. She's still winning, but with nowhere near as large a margin as before.

I'm deciding to ask a favour. It would mean the world for her to win this contest, and I decided to at least TRY to help her out (especially since I forgot to vote in the last round)

That's the link to her bracket of the competition. Each round last 2 days, and this round ends on 3rd/4th (eg: today/tomorrow). The next round will start on the 4th, and go for 2 days, etc, right until the end of the contest.

I would appreciate it if you guys would at least take a look. I'm not going to tell you who to vote for, as you should vote for whoever you prefer, but if you feel like it, Kelseyanthony if the person I'm posting this for. If you want to vote, you'll need to log in by either creating an account, or signing in through Facebook or Twitter. Votes, FB Likes and Tweets all count as a vote (I believe).

Again, if you decide to vote, you should vote for who you think is better, but any votes sent for Kelseyanthony (both in this round and in future rounds) would be appreciated by both her and me.

And, no matter who you vote for, DFTBA.


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Clicked on over... but clicked on in because I saw... "university student in northern On..." and said eeep! northern ontario?! and why yes yes you are... I grew up in the Soo... so anyways hello!

When you say the Soo, I assume you mean Sault Ste. Marie.

naturally, where are you studying?

Laurentian, in Sudbury.

And I keep adding a second part to that post, but it keeps not showing up. I'm trying to say I know what you meant due to friends form that area.


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