From the beginning of eternity

to the end of time and space,

and from the beginning of every end

to the end of every place.

What am I?

Hint: The answer is not any kind of deity.

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The letter 'e'.

You got it.


I'm gonna go with existance? In general?

I have no clue... well, now I do. (Yay for mooching off of other people's comments!) That's an awesome riddle, mind if I use it?

the letter e

Its very similar to the one that goes "what occurs twice in a millenium, once in a month, and never in a year?"


It's easy once you're in the mindset for looking for letters!

The Doctor.

What is more powerful than God,

The rich want for it,

The poor have it,

And if you eat it, you die.

NOTE: This riddle was written by a monotheist, probably Christian.


Clearly written by a monotheist


The letter E?


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