I've been trying to solve this riddle today, think you can help?
a possible clue is 4390390600, although it may have nothing at all to do with the riddle
the spelling of "here" instead of "hear" in line 5 is the way it was presented, anyone have a clue as to the answer?

Tick tock tick tock
hear the clock?
It doesn't hear you.
Why doesn't it hear you?
The same reason they don't here you.
So stop. Stop What you're doing.
Even though everyone continues with that same thing,
You can't, you are different.
Don't worry, because you have 16 days,
but on the 16th???
You may have to stop stopping.
Unfortunately, this will leave you broken.
So the question:
Why will you be broken?

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Because I broke Chuck Norris' Grandfather clock. Tell my mother I love her.
Wow, I'm really curious of the answer. I love riddles. And this is weird cause the final question is a yes or no question, so the real question is what the hell are they talking about. Some random answers I've come up with have to do with gender equality, the Berlin wall, and a caterpillar.

if no one hear you or if you aren't there and no one cares about you. so if by stopping it means that you ignore the fackt that everyone is indifferent to you and you are alone. then wouldn't you be depressed when you stop ignore them.

Where did you originally here this riddle?
I really wanna know the answer!

To me it sounds like it is the pendulum on a 16 day clock.

It is different it goes back and forth. All the gears and hands go round and round.

At the end of each swing it stops.

"So stop. Stop What you're doing." = time to swing the other way.

When winding or weight run out it will stop stopping, no more swinging.

Is it cos i'm the clock? So, once I stop i will be broken> but, I can't hear myself? .)


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