Hello Nerdfighters and other creatures,


This is your Maintenance NM speaking! We've heard that a lot of you are unaware of the changes that are about to be made, therefore we shall brighten up your minds. I present to you, an interview with the one and only programmer Dan (commonly known as The Lone Wanderer - you can go stalk him here) who is programming a brand new Nerdfighter website for us to frollick around. 

Are you all ready? Great, here we go!


  ! DISCLAIMER: The site isn't final yet. Changes can still be made; some of these ideas may not be executed in the end.


Q: Will we be able to keep the profile we have now?

A: Yes, profile data's exportable through an external ning interface so everything should migrate to the new site. I have yet to implement customizations though, so you'll all be the same colour and font for now.


Q: What will the ningmasters be called, now that it's not on the ning anymore?

A: At the moment they’re just called Admins and Mods.


Q: Are there new things added, that we didn't have on the ning?

A: There are a few new things:

- World Map and Calendar: We're getting a world map and calendar, onto which we can drop event information. If a user consents, the map will center in on their current location.

Facts of the Day: On any given day when you visit the website's front page you'll be presented with events that occurred on said day in history. User submissions will be possible: the site maintenance admin can add to the records, to allow for something happening post-launch.

Social Feed: You can add your accounts on other sites to your nerdfighters profile; Anyone you're friends with will have their recent activity listed out on the homepage for your viewing pleasure.

Mobile Function: The new site will be fully accessible by mobile devices.

- Polls: There will be an option to attach polls to blogs and forum posts.

 Automated vlogbrothers videos: That’s right: until now, the newest video has been posted in a blog post; as of now we can see them automatically on the front page.



Q: Will the new forum work in the same way?

A: The forum's getting a facelift, because it kind of looks like a blog on the ning – it’s being modeled on a threaded hierarchy with proper flow between entities. You'll also be getting signature abilities, and ranks assigned based on post count and rating (don’t spam us or flame each other, or your rating drops).


Q: What about the old forum posts, will they be exported, or will we get a cleaned up shiny new forum?

A: I can export the most recent 10,000 discussions from the ning, but the exact number I'll take across isn’t decided yet.


Q: How will flaming, spamming etc. be avoided?

A: The new admin system for the forums contains all your basic thread management and removal, and I’ve got a parser designed to recognize certain language constructs. The aim is to detect when someone's being attacked in a vicious way.



Q: What will change to the Blogs?

A: Blogs can be followed, and the bloggers will also have ratings, but this time based on popularity and quality of content. Blog posts can also be shared to external sources such as facebook and twitter.


Q: Will the old blog posts still exist on the new site?

A: Same as the forums, I can export the most recent 10,000 posts.


Q:  What about languages?

A: You can blog in any language, but bear in mind the profanity filter is multi-lingual.


Q: Will the blog layout change a lot?

A: No, visibly it isn’t changing much.



Q: Will the chat be the same, and if not, what changes are made?

A: In chat, there will be a link checker to make sure nobody posts you off to bad places, and the admin system has been overhauled; you can now input a manual number of hours to suspend for, you can also permanently exclude somebody, there’s a button to call for assistance, and there will be a "Report User" button to make sure things don't get out of hand even when no admin is around.


Q: Will we still be able to pop-out the chat?

A: Yes, full-screen is still possible.


Q:  Right now in chat, it show every user online, even if they're not actually there. Will that be the same on the new site?

A: Yes, but you'll be able to see who has it open or not, and the number at the top will only reflect those that do. Another new thing: chat will also store logs and (this goes for the whole site) admins will be able to view a history of a given user's sanctions awarded.



Q:  Will the current 10,000 groups be exported?

A: I wasn’t planning on it, because (as far as I’m aware), most of them aren’t exactly serious. Also, I want chat and the forums to be the main place for discussion, and I want groups to have goals, objectives, purposes..  For example to use for meetings, or you might be a group of people who all work together on some web-based project, where the forums would perhaps be too public a place to discuss things.


Q: Will there be additional changes?

A: You can add an optional headquarters location, and whether or not you want to appear on the world map. A group can have its own event calendar, and a group creator can promote members of that group into moderators of that group. Said moderators fall below the rank of site-wide mods. Also the visibility of group content can be controlled by the creator and their moderators.


Q: What do we use projects for?

A: Projects are activities external to the website, but still run by its members. Currently, the vast majority of them are other people's vlogs, but I’m looking to drum up interest in doing things perhaps more constructive, such as fundraisers or charity-events.



Q: What happened to the books section?

A: Not much of a change there, I just tidied it up a little, and implement a left-right arrow cycle allowing you to scroll through the book history.  A possible future implementation would be to have each book act as a link to amazon for buying that book.


Q: What will the new site look like?

A: Like this!

 Looks good, doesn't it?

Well, that was it, ladies and gentlemen. Now there's really just one question left - when will we be able to enjoy this Nerdvana? Well, that's not exactly sure yet - there are still some changes to be made, and John and Hank will want to see it before everyone else does. But it will be there very soon!

With love from Belgium,


PS: Still questions left? Don't be afraid to post them, answers will be provided ;)


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i'm kind of concerned that groups won't be exported.  a group of us older nerdfighters have a group that helps keep up connected, and it would be a real shame to lose that content.  it's called sage nerdwarriors, and we have been using for years, and have some awesome threads in there.


here's that group i mentioned there is art, and personal stories, years in the making christmas thread, art, books, music, challenges, all kind of good stuff.  if there was any way to migrate that it would be AWESOME.  us older folks can get a tad lost on the ning lol.

thanks for all your hard work dan.  tech gods ftw!

i just noticed one of the tags here was giraffes. this amuses me greatly and is of no relevance to the topic lol

Welcome to Nerdfighteria.

Serenity, very very long time no see! Hope you had a good New Year and stuff...

With regards to groups, the point was subsequently raised among the other Ningmasters, and a suggestion came up whereby individual groups could get exported if there's sufficient demand. This seems like such a case to me.

I'll talk to the others later, and see what's said.

yays!! i'll let them know =D

i know it's been toooooo long!  we never seem to be in the chats anymore =(  new year is 'interesting' for me so far lol. ah well =P hope your new year is going fab, although i suspect the ning move is making it a tad crazy for you.

Hi Lone. Happy new year!
Friend functionality? How will that work .

@TFoM ("Auntie FoM"): Friends are being boosted with circle functionality, in a similar fashion to what the code monkeys who made google+ have created. With it, you'll be able to control who sees which aspects of your social feed.

wow, dan, that's an amazing feature.  I am not able to use google+ cause of the ancientness of my comp so this will be a treat

Well have not been on the site very long and I like this :D, it seems to be ok but as I have read below people are concerned with the groups not being pulled over


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