I have this theory that I've been bouncing off a few people, but I was wondering if others would agree with me on it.

The theory is that Communists are responsible for lag during the Green's live shows in BlogTV.

Here's how it works:
1. It's a fact that lag in live shows are caused by world suck.
2. It's a fact that China is one of the world's largest producer of carbon emissions.
3. It's a fact that large carbon emissions leads to world suck.
4. It's a fact that China is lead by a Communist government, thus all factories are connected to the government.

So, if China makes a lot of world suck, and world suck makes lag, and China is lead by Communists, then Communists make lag in live video feeds.

So, what does the greater Nerdfighter community think?

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I think that is pure genius.
Haha, thanks! It's gone through a few drafts, but here we are.
As anything but a joke, your theory fails.
It only fails if you use logic.
China isn't even a truly Communist country. Sure, they've got the oligarchical collectivism and the human rights violations and some Communist rhetoric, but where's the anti-corporatism or anything even remotely leftist?

Also, that was quite funny.
True, true. I was just generalizing. If I really wanted to go into every detail of the Chinese government, I'd have to account for the various other factors, or choose another country (such as North Korea, who is more Communistic than China), but China is better for this, because more people think of China when you say "Communism" than any other (except, perhaps the U.S.S.R., but they're kinda... not around any more.)
No, see, the U.S.S.R. is still around, but they're hiding so that they can increase WorldSuck incognito! Their sole project is now to add lag to Vlogbros videos so that they may safely return. :P
Hmmm, by George I think you've got it! Somewhere in the woods of Siberia, a lone contingent of Soviet leaders are in an underground base with their computer screens on the last bastion of hope in the world: Nerdfighteria. God only knows how long it takes for them to take Moscow again.
Well, you know Putin's power grabs? He's clearly a Soviet plant, operating in the government so that they can have sufficiently statist structures already in place when they regain power.
Of course! And the proposed Russian/Belorussian union is just the beginning of the satellite states returning to the motherland, and connecting into some sort of large-scale Captain Planet. But replace Captain Planet with Communism.
that's so ridiculous and convoluted that it just. might. work. i applaud your theory
Why thank you. I'm glad that other Nerdfighters think it's nerdfightastic.


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