I have this theory that I've been bouncing off a few people, but I was wondering if others would agree with me on it.

The theory is that Communists are responsible for lag during the Green's live shows in BlogTV.

Here's how it works:
1. It's a fact that lag in live shows are caused by world suck.
2. It's a fact that China is one of the world's largest producer of carbon emissions.
3. It's a fact that large carbon emissions leads to world suck.
4. It's a fact that China is lead by a Communist government, thus all factories are connected to the government.

So, if China makes a lot of world suck, and world suck makes lag, and China is lead by Communists, then Communists make lag in live video feeds.

So, what does the greater Nerdfighter community think?

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sadly I and other deceptions think it's poop.
and the whole word knows that if and only if the user Alan states something, it is true.
and genetics gives you your poop factor
and even if you have a little poop, it still smells as bad as a lot of poop.
and of course we all know a lot of poop smells bad.

thus, since you made it, you're poop.
Thus, since your mom made you, she's at least a little poop.

Therefore your mom smells bad.

Yay logical arguments that make your mom jokes.
but seriously your mom smells, tell her to shower at least a few more times a week. Geese.
Barring the last comment, your guy's comments have been wonderful!


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