"Wow" you may say. "A collab channel? I've seen too many of those. Be original, doofus." (I realize I don't know if that's how you talk, this is just pure assumption on my part).

But I've seen so many awesome collab channels go up recently that look like so much fun and I'm sure there must be some people out there with similar interests to me that would be interested. At least I hope so.  And if it was quasi-international, well, that would be epic!


So hi! I'm Hazel, I'm 16, and I live in the boring land of boredom that is the United States. Like basically everyone on here I like Harry Potter, and I also like Doctor Who, 30 Rock, Pushing Daisies, and all sorts of awesome things. I've been a youtube fanatic for about a year and a half but only got the guts to actually start making videos myself about a month ago. I'll improve with time, I hope. :)


So tell me a little bit about yourself! If you have any questions just let me know!

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I've gotten a bit confused about who is actually interested in starting a new collab channel, so if you could just let me know by sending me a video just talking about yourself (to make sure you're a real person haha) that would be super awesome! :) If you know anyone else who might be interested, send them along here!
I'll send you a youtube message with my video. I just finished filming it!
Awesome! Looking forward to it! :)
I'm totally interested. Unfortunately, I'm also from boring ol' USA, but I'm 18, my name's Savannah, and I'm in Texas. Assuming you're still looking for people, I'd LOVE to, and I'll organize a video to send you!
Yay! Send it along! :)
I've really wanted to get into vlogging too! I think it would be a ton of fun to do a collab thing. If you need anyone, just let me know! I'm 19, in the US, going to college in PA, from Hawaii, and am a nerd, just like everyone else here. I basically just like really fantastic people and ideas, and I love knowing and sharing really weird and random facts. Let me know if you want/need another person!
Absolutely! Any chance you can send me a video?
Sure! Note: I've never actually done a vlog before so it might take a couple days to figure out how to edit everything but I'll send it to you asap. ^_^
No problem! Just tell me about yourself :)
I'm working on it! I promise. I realize it's been a while since I showed my enthusiasm for this project, but I've been super super busy lately (unusually so) and I only have what came on my laptop to work with, so it might be a bit before I can produce quality videos. Can we talk about which days we'd update on though?

If you're still looking for someone, I'm interested :)

I'm 20, and I live in America's hat, good ol' Canada.

I've got a lot of very similar interests to everyone else on this site, but I don't spend a lot of time on the internet and I don't have cable so I don't watch much tv. I watch a lot of youtube, though.

My other interests include art and photography(that's pretty standard, I guess.), Horses, Music (right now my obsession is Elvis Presley). I like to learn about new things, always, and I spend most of my time in 3 places: work, school, and the comic book store.

I want to try to actually get into making videos, instead of posting one every year and a bit like I have been :s

I'll make an actual video and send it along in a day or so if you're interested :)


Awesome! Do send it along!


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