I finished watching it today on youtube and thought it was just brilliant! So I thought i should make a discussion to you know... discuss it 'n stuff hahaha. This is the place to leave what songs you loved, favourite lines from it, what you didn't like. Your favourite "Awwwww" moments too! and if you haven't watched it yet, start here:

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I dont even think I can formulate an understandable comment for how much I LOVED AVPS. I was squeeing through the whole thing. It was pure brilliance. I need to watch it about a million more times. :D
I think what really made was Umbridge (especially at the end) and the Malfoys ("I’ve mastered the use of the potty!!!") I really like the song Harry had about how Hogwarts was his home, but I think my favourite was "Harry Freaking Potter". Oh and i love how everyone would react to Lupin swearing even though most of the characters would consistently swear throughout the entire show :P Anyway all round i was really impressed. It was just as made of awesome as the first, if not more :D.
Two words: epic win. Lucius (who was played by Tyler Brunson, aka Cedric and Fudge in AVPM) and Luna were awesome new characters ... and Umbridge! Hmm... she kinda looks familiar. :P And of course, Lauren Lopez was back in her role as Draco... what can I say about that? YEAHHH. *spoiler* DOBBYYY :D :D Also Hermione's hair... and Ron "Bicurious"... and Harry's scar haha. And how could I forget... "What the devil is going on here?" Snape FTW! And Dumbledore... "Gay as the fourth of July" Lupin in his undies was... awkward but he's a werewolf. Dean and Seamus were hilarious (I still think of Seamus as Quirrel).

Sorry for being all FANGIRL but hell. yes.

"Yeah, we're in a real puzzle. Red Vine?" - Ron
Lol, I forgot about Scarfy!!
Can someone explain the Red vine thing, I've never heard of them before. I don't know if we have then in Canada.
Red Vines are a brand of Licorice that are absolutely amazing. you can get em at walgreens for like a dollar and you get like 20 a box. They are like, the best snack ever. they're fat free too which is good.
Those sounds awesome... I wish we had Walgreens here -sigh-
I really don't think there are words for what I thought about it. It's was just so freakin awesome. My favorite parts were probably the Dumbledore/Umbridge dance situation and Harry yelling that he was in RAGE!!
I also really loved the Spiderman analogy and at the end when Harry talked about how Hogwarts was bigger than all of us, I cried, like, really cried.
Although it didn't top AVPM, the sequel was equally as brillant, the StarKids are just too amazing for words. Siriusly.
I'm about to watch "Act 2 Part 2."
I am loving it.

It's SO FREAKING FUNNY. I like AVPM's music better, but this one is WAY funnier.
The Hermione Can't Draw part was funny because it was so stupid. The music in AVPM was a bit better, but both were really great. I loved how Lupin would cuss and everyone would cover their ears. "I mean... poopy." :D
did you get my text?
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