My big brother's been a bit down lately, and is struggling with college/life/himself.

I want to give him an adventure, something exciting to reignite him.

Any ideas?

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Well, it'd probably help if we knew a bit more about your brother. What's he like, what's he into?
A cross-country scavenger hunt (looking for famous landmarks, etc). For lower budges, a state wide scavenger hunt (considerably less exciting).

Or ive him a long term mystery to solve (like in Paper Towns).
My brother and I both ski.
We like movies and Flogging Molly concerts.
We used to go on a lot of long trips together.

He's dropping out of college.
He's pretty broke (as am I).
He's depressed, and drinks quite a bit, and smokes too much pot.

I just want something to get him out of his funk,
and back into college.


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