He's the best Character in Watchmen....In my opinion.
He's paranoid and heartless, whats not to love about him?

And yes I read the novel :)

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I'm not in love with him. I'm a bit to superficial for that. It's not that he's ugly, because, he's not really. (Those police officers were complete jerkwads.) It's just, he never takes showers, he's rude and obnoxious, and he is up to his neck in illegal activities.

But he was my favorite character in the book.
Yeah he isn't ugly at all he's a red head like come on what's not to love. But yeah he is a bit of an asshole I agree but isn't that what makes us love him? And the shower I can't defend that.
It's funny how a story that started in the mid-80s still have charachters that we can all identify with- perhaps moreso those of us who were in their crimefightin 20s in the 80s and are now tubby 40 somthings looking back. Yes, this means I identify with Nite Owl. Rorschach is certainly a motivator in the book, and he's an interesting dude- basicly messed up but still correct about The Big Picture. Nite Owl is more the heart of the story- the idea of the everyman who can aspire to greatness, even if that greatness is just falling in love.
I also like the night owl, but the whole falling in love thing I'm not fond of in my super heroes. I think love makes heroes weak. But I also think that the night owl blances out the story. And he dosent add to the drama of the story which is good.
What i think is interesting about Rorschach is that he is named after the famous rorschach test (aka the inkblot test) because his face resembles inkblots.
Yeah he was awesome.
Rochach is the bomb; he's a motherfucker who doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks about him and the only thing he believes in is himself.
I wish Watchmen were real specifically so I could go to New York and kick ass with him. He's my favorite without a doubt! I sent valentine cards with his quote about the filth of the human race. Maybe I'm going to far, but that's an epic comic, and Rorshach is the most epic of all.


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