Ok, I could use some reassurance here. The problem is as follows:
I've been going out with an amazing fellow nerdfighter for a good 3-4 months now. We've not had so much as a minor squabble and were both very happy together.

The problem is with my best friend, we've know each other since 2nd grade and he has (or had, he changes his story regularly) a crush on her for a  year before we were together. He had asked her out, and she turned him down. I didn't know this when I asked her out.
 My friend started acting weird when I started showing interest in her, talking about how she was an attention seeker, and how she only kept him around to "Make her feel better."

Once I got to know her I found none of this to be true. Andthat she was really nice, funny and that she is a nerdfighter. Eventually I asked her out. And my friend started trying to guilt me into breaking up with her. Making up promises I never made, telling me I was breaking the 'bro code' ect.

Me and my girlfriend are still together (and very happily at that) But we don't know what to do with my friend.

Any advice would be wonderful, I'm feeling slightly guilty.

(PS, we're in 10th grade, if it helps)

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Based on what you said, it seems you don't have a very good friend. My suggestion is to have a serious talk with him. Say that while you maybe understand where he's coming from, you can't let him decide who you should be with. It's time for him to move on and stop being jealous/mad.

In my experience of being on the girls side, my ex dumped me for one of my friends and I thought to myself, "I can be angry or be happy for them." However, I agree with Phillip Anthomy's comment below, that you need to talk to him about it. Make yourself look confident and tell him how you feel.
Sorry if this isn't very helpful...

I agree with both of these replies. Your friend isn't a very good friend. There's going to be confusion and mixed feelings any time something like this happens. It seems to me that what your friend is doing is trying to make your girlfriend look bad because she turned him down, which is just wrong. If you and your girlfriend are happy together, then he should be happy for the two of you. I think taking Phillip Anthony's advice is the best thing for you to do right now. I hope everything gets worked out. I'm rooting for you. 

You are being a bad friend, total violation of the bro code.


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