This is obviously inspired by the "America... and the rest of the world." discussion. Now, I haven't had time to read that one, unfortunantly, so this might be a completely reduntant thread. It's also inspired by a discussion with Xox on Christianity where I claimed that it wasn't so much Christianity as it was American culture that turns loads of American Christians into bigots.

I then realized that since I live in Sweden I might not be the most qualified person to say that. Sure, I've seen movies. And I've encountered loads of Americans online. But I've never been there, let alone lived there. So, how do Americans precieve America. What is it really like there? What are Americans like?

Note that this isn't really a debate thread. It's a thread for learning about the American pepole and the American culture. If someone brings up something you disagree with, then bear in mind that pepole's different points of view is highly relevant in this thread. Don't try to prove that person wrong, instead write how you precieve it.

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Wow. That's awful. I figured that there couldn't be 100% equality there, but exterminated? Wow. What kind of rights don't they have nowadays?
i would have to check. i came across things here and there.
just now i found this
i haven't got time to look for more
english passengers is a historical novel i recommend
and the amazing trilogy about the settling of australia by eleanor dark a woman ahead of her time though sadly underrated. she tells the story ftom the point of view of the natives, the armme/prisonguards and the convicts.
it's out of print. i got mine through abe book.
in fact one of them is a first edition. not valuable moneywise but nice to have.
Well, here's my experience so far. America can be awesome some of the time, and it can suck some of the time. It's like Hank said in one of his videos, to me (a fifteen year old), the world hasn't changed much since I started paying attention to it. America included. For the majority of my life, I've known Bush as our president. Do you know the kind of psychological damage a young child can endure when she sees that the president of her entire country is....well....THAT MAN?? But seriously, at this point in my life, I'm embarrassed by America. I know that will change as I get older and my feelings about America in relation to the rest of the world will change, but right now, America is a five year old who has asked my mother in law if she is pregnant when she is really just fat and I'm it's mother trying to apologize for my child's rude behavior.
I used to be embarrassed to be a part of the US a lot too. But what I've been realizing lately is that I was embarrassed of our reputation. The idea that all Americans are fat, lazy, and bigoted can really get in the way of things when you're a tourist somewhere. And sure, there are people who fit the stereotype, but that's like saying all jocks are stupid. The truth is, most of us don't fit any sort of stereotype. Sure, we're not the best superpower. In fact, when I think about the fact that we exploit small countries and just generally screw up, I am still really ashamed of our country. But that goes beyond people and into ideals. Your child may be rude. But it's also probably a good kid at heart.
America is diversity.
Here is America from an American point of view. America sucks. I want to live in Scottland, or maybe Japan.
America: We don't give a damn.

Rob Stoel- An American: Wants to give a damn, but is unfortunately held back by the prior.

Rob Stoel- Future citizen of the United Kingdom: Way-hey! Not America!


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